A cleverly designed 690 sqft condo for a family of three

At a modest 690 sqft, this Scandinavian minimalist home by Third Avenue Studio rocks several bold design features without looking overdone.

  • A cleverly designed 690 sqft condo for a family of three

  • A cleverly designed 690 sqft condo for a family of three

  • A cleverly designed 690 sqft condo for a family of three

  • A cleverly designed 690 sqft condo for a family of three

Home Type: 2-bedroom condominium apartment

Floor Area: 690 sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Most people place a strong design emphasis on their living or dining zones. But in this brand new condo, its kitchen is the star of the show. Home to a married couple and their toddler daughter, the owners wanted to relocate and expand their kitchen worktop surface without infringing too much on the living-dining area. To do so, Michelle Tang from Third Avenue Studio repositioned the kitchen workspace along the entrance foyer and accentuated the asymmetry by framing the cookspace.

Third Avenue Studio The Panorama project

By customising a mild steel partition in matte black powder coating with tempered glass panels, Michelle established a strong visual demarcation for the kitchen. The choice of tiles in black and white patterns sets the kitchen apart from the rest of the communal zones, which retain the original marble flooring. The monochromatic-hued flooring trails from the open cookspace to along the back of the living area, adding a sense of balance and fluidity within this unique arrangement.

Third Avenue Studio The Panorama project kitchen design

“I played with asymmetric angles and employed the juxtaposition of stronger colours, textures and finishes against the existing rectilinear, neutral-coloured backdrop,” explains Michelle of her design vision to create a bold contrast for the kitchen. “It was all about creating an open, socially interactive and welcoming feel despite the provision made for additional storage; and also about retaining as much of the existing marble flooring as possible.”

Third Avenue Studio The Panorama project bedroom design

Resembling a modern log cabin, the master bedroom is decked in pronounced woodgrain patterns. These natural textures clad the raised platform which is paired with a slatted divider. Together, these rustic-looking elements add warmth, and a sense of intimacy and privacy to the space.

This full-fledged platform bed also allows some serious customisation which not only includes the bed frame, but the bedside lamp too. Its dimmable light spread can be easily controlled with a swipe of the cover, making it practical to set different moods in the room at night.

Third Avenue Studio The Panorama project bedroom

Angled steps lead up to the storage bed topped with hydraulic flip-up panels. Michelle also injected additional design details, relieving the external visual intensity of such a deep platform. “I introduced subtle overhangs and groove details along the surface and lined a recessed, tinted mirror skirting along the bases of the platform and each step, simulating a ‘floating’ effect,” reveals Michelle.

Boasting bold flooring contrasts, rusticity and clean lines, coupled with the implementation of thoughtful design functionality, this stylish Scandinavian minimalist interior not only enables its residents to live large in a small footprint, but also adopts personalisation to a space the owners call home.

Third Avenue Studio

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