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Shades of Red by Northwest Interior

Northwest Interior proves that you can sparingly use colour in your home to make a huge impace

Home Type: HDB

Like most Singaporeans, you might be afraid to use colours in your interior design. But as Northwest Interior proves with this home, you can use colour sparingly to make a huge impact. While most people would shy from using bright and bold colours like red, yellow and orange, the design firm happily used strong colours to add life to this HDB home.

The most prominent use of colour can be seen in the study room, where a sanguine shade of scarlet is painted on the walls. Complementing this hue is an equally bright yellow, found on the custom-built table and on the inside panels of the shelving system. Northwest Interior shows that one way to temper the strong colours is to add a neutral colour to the mix. In this room, black is used to tone down the colour palette.

You can also use colours to visually define the different spaces in your home. Here, white and wood takes over the living and dining rooms, red and white permeate the kitchen and flourishes of maroon can be seen in the master bedroom.


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