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See how sliding walls in this apartment transform the living room into an art gallery

See how Neu Konceptz overcame spatial restrictions of this 3-bedroom apartment in Fernvale.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 1,100 sqft

How can interior design accentuate the beauty of an artwork without fighting with it for attention? That was the challenge that designer Alex Poh from Neu Konceptz faced when tasked with the job of designing this home. To allow attention to be given to the artworks on the surrounding walls, the dining space was decked out in simple furnishing in a neutral palette. Alex custom-designed an L-shaped bench with a cushioned top and hidden storage to maximise the space and seating capacity.


Fernvale 02

As art collectors and frequent travellers, the homeowners also needed both storage and display spaces for their souvenirs and art purchases. To resolve this issue, Alex fabricated the TV feature wall as a full-height storage unit with solid-coloured panels. Clad in a matt white finish, the panels resemble a white wall backdrop for displaying art.

Additional storage fixtures can also be found behind the sliding tracks. Apart from concealing the TV when not in used, the white panels were designed to hold artwork, and can also be pushed to the side to reveal an array of custom-built compartments, shelves and drawers.

Fernvale 12

Allowing the study room to be a space conducive for work, Alex designed an L-shaped desk and a full-height built-in bookcase that efficiently utilises the space in this room. A desk has also been cleverly incorporated into the design of the customised platform bed. Alex also ensured that the platform contained hidden storage compartments that can be used to keep small items and declutter the area.


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