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Look at the amount of storage space available in this family maisonette

Storage is a priority for this family of four. Unfortunately, the small storeroom beneath the maisonette’s staircase just isn’t enough. AC Vision Design revamped the resale flat, giving it more storage solutions and a contemporary outlook.

Home Type: Maisonette

Floor Area: 1,657 sqft

One of the biggest concern for any homeowner in Singapore is, of course, the issue of storage space. With homes getting smaller, we always find ourselves struggling to squeeze out more space to keep, store or hide our belongings. Even this resale maisonette, which has a 1,657-square foot area, wasn’t enough for the family of four staying here. It was up to AC Vision Design to build new storage spaces into the home.


White is the order of the day in this contemporary setting. From the glossy homogenous tiles on the floor to the white-painted walls, the design follows a clear direction. The living room has an expanse of white, punctuated by the row of open shelving that runs across the full-height cabinets. Woodgrain laminates balance out the pristine white of the living room. The feature wall now provides plenty of space for display and storage, fulfilling the homeowners’ requests.

Similarly, the adjacent dining room is flanked by full-height cabinetry packed with storage space.


The kitchen too has been thoroughly reworked. It now sports an open-concept cook space and an L-shaped layout that includes a breakfast counter. Also included in this redesign and in infusion of cabinets and drawers – exactly what the homeowners wanted.


A colour scheme of clean neutrals brings a bright and fresh vibe to the master bedroom. To ensure everything falls in place within the contemporary home, AC Vision designed a custom-made bedframe in a a matching laminate finish. The inverted base has a “floating effect” that encourages a sense of spaciousness.

It’s not surprise that a large portion of the has been dedicated to the wardrobe, complete with an adjoining vanity table. Glass shelves along the built-in closet become a showcase for the female homeowner’s bags and perfume bottles. The rest of the wardrobe is aligned with a vanity counter along the adjacent wall, and even hosts a hidden compartment for smaller knick-knacks.


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