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This hotel-inspired BTO flat spells industrial chic

AP Concept used wire mesh, wood panels and black accents to create an industrial themed home that takes its inspiration from stylish boutique hotels.

Home Type: 4-room HDB BTO flat

Floor Area: 990sqft

Text by Angela Low

In this HDB BTO flat, interior design firm AP Concept used dark wood panels and black accents to create a sleek yet sophisticated look that’s reminiscent of upscale boutique hotels. The designers used wire mesh and exposed pipe details to add emphasise the industrial look against a neutral backdrop. The result is a stylish home that reflects the modern tastes of the young couple living here.

industrial hotel HDB BTO by AP Concept 1

The living room keeps to a minimalist aesthetic that you would find in trendy boutique hotels. There’s a TV console whose slim, black surface protrudes and extends across the entire length of the wall. This creates a semi-floating feature. This is paired with a panel of wooden strips that forms the TV wall and serves as a focal point. To prevent the rest of the wall from looking too bare, the designer mounted a shelf on the wall. This is then filled with photos of the couple, and wooden crates (previously used as props at their wedding).

industrial hotel HDB BTO by AP Concept 2

One of the highlights of the home is the colossal industrial style shoe cabinet by the main entrance. It is constructed with wire mesh and then spray-painted in black to allow full visual access and natural ventilation. A breakfast bar counter, backdropped by a mirrored wall, sits across from it and offers additional seating for house guests while enlarging the space visually. The latter also adds a tinge of elegance to the common area.

As the flat occupies a small footprint, designer Aaron Poh had to tear down multiple walls to make it look larger than it is. One such space is the kitchen. Both the service yard walls and the walls separating the kitchen from the living area have been demolished, creating a less cluttered space. This provides enhanced accessibility and improves the flow of the common areas.

industrial hotel HDB BTO by AP Concept 3

The dining room is formerly a bedroom that has since been knocked down. This new space now features a raised platform behind the dining table that serves as a separate, cosy corner for the couple while preserving the spaciousness of the area. Warm wood panels, stretching from one side of the wall to the ceiling, frame the nook and juxtapose with the black industrial pipes that embellish the open shelves.

Bedroom industrial hotel HDB BTO by AP Concept

The hotel-inspired look is also evident in the bedroom. The bedhead in the master bedroom is made of acrylic strips finished in wood-look laminates. This offers a sense of warmth and ties in with the decor of the rest of the house. Matching floor-to-ceiling wardrobes in dark wood adds to the cohesive look of the interior. To offset the spatial limitations, the designer opted for hanging bedside lights. They chose lights with a slim, modern profile that make the ceiling look taller.

Bathroom industrial hotel HDB BTO by AP Concept

Steely hues of cool grey and white lend a sleeker look to the bathroom. For instance, the shower enclosure features black frames that give a sharp, linear effect. The frames also match the black stone-like wall tiles. The adjacent wall however, is clad in 3D textured tiles to add another layer of visual interest and depth to the tiny space

AP Concept

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