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Husband renovates dated residence as a gift to his wife

A loving husband enlisted Hall Interiors to remodel the home which he shares with his wife for over 15 years. Within three months, the apartment gets a sophisticated 180-transformation.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,017sqft

Text by Sandra Campbell

“The main structural challenge involved reconfiguring the layout between the main entrance, kitchen and utility room,” says Zoey, the lead designer of this remodel. We hacked away the old kitchen and utility room, and installed new plumbing work, electrical wiring as well as air-conditioning piping.” This made way for a more inviting, elevated entrance with concealed accent lighting that leads to an open-concept kitchen with an island-cum-breakfast counter, a dining area, and the rest of the home.

husband enlists Hall Interiors to renovate entrance

At the staircase landing, copper leaves embedded in cement screed tiles welcome visitors. They symbolise autumn for the owner’s wife, who hails from China.

husband enlists Hall Interiors to renovate dining area

The dining area, where the old staircase used to lead into has been expanded and now houses a large wood slab table and bench from the wife’s hometown in China. The custom screen next to the entrance adds privacy.

husband enlists Hall Interiors to renovate kitchen

Anchoring the open space, however, is the kitchen island with an alluring Consentina Sensa top. Warm, layered lighting further highlights the space. Says Zoey: “The designer track lights showcases the architecture of the new space, while the recessed lighting has an invitingly chill effect.”

husband enlists Hall Interiors to renovate living room

Cosy and calming, and not too feminine nor masculine best describes the new living room with recessed ceiling lights and dramatic spotlights as the owner did not want lighting that was too bright nor white. On the feature wall, dark, metallic tiles back a wide-screen TV for movie nights. A gold, spray-painted metal shelving sits at the corner and serves as display for the owner’s Oriental antiques. Across from it is a super comfortable King Living leather sofa and Lifestorey armchair.

husband enlists Hall Interiors to renovate master bathroom entrance

“We surprised the husband and wife with this wall panel that conceals the entrance to the master bathroom. It includes boldly hued cement screed and laminate finishing next to the artwork the husband purchased for his wife.

husband enlists Hall Interiors to renovate bathrooms

Originally in white, which appeared depressing, Zoey proposed an overall inky tone with wall-to-wall tiling, cove and under-cabinet lighting, and high-tech sanitary appliances for a more luxe aesthetic in both the common and master bathrooms. Now, both are very functional and beautiful.

husband enlists Hall Interiors to renovate master bedroom

The semi-retired couple are frequent flyers, so when they finally get home, they want somewhere comfortable and tidy to rest undisturbed. Hence the built-in wardrobes, parquet flooring, and unique pendant lighting as well as recessed LED downlights. Zoey explains: “Getting bedroom lighting design just right is essential to making it a comfortable place to sleep well, to rise and to get going.”

Seeing the surprised and then thankful expressions on both the husband and wife’s faces assured Zoey that she had made the right choices for such a home. “I gave them what they asked for and more. They couldn’t believe how spacious the place had become.”

Hall Interiors

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