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How To Live Large In A Studio Apartment

Thanks to smart design, careful furniture choices and an astute colour scheme, Wee Studio makes the most of this petite studio apartment

Home Type: Studio apartment

Floor Area: 600 sqft

Studio apartments are notoriously small, and typically, design firms are faced with the challenge of making the space livable, functional and still look good. In this 600-sqft studio apartment at Martin Residences, interior design firm Wee Studio shows us how to make the most the most of a small situation with built-in carpentry, smart furniture choices and an astute colour scheme.

Storage Solutions

You can never have enough storage, especially in a compact space that measures less than 600-sqft. But building cabinets and carpentry all over the apartment will just make the home feel heavy and crammed. In this home, the solution is to build a wall of multi-purpose cabinets next to the main entrance. Its strategic position allows it to serve several functions without taking too much space: it’s a shoe cabinet for the foyer, additional cabinet space for the kitchen and extra storage for the living room.

Furniture Rules

When it comes to choosing furniture, the design team considered factors such as scale, function and portability: the furniture shouldn’t take up all the space in a single area; they should be multi-functional; and they should be able to be easily moved around the house. The placement of furniture is just as important. For example, the television set is unconventionally placed with its back against the window. This positioning emphasises the perspective of the apartment. When watching TV you can also see out the window and you don’t feel like you’re indoors.

Colour Matters

A muted linen wallpaper adds a subtle texture to the home – a great way to add a design element without adding bulk to a room. Bright and bold colours would have added visual weight to the space, so the designers adhered to a soft neutral colour scheme instead. Shades of beige, taupe, black and grey come together to create a grounded look that’s timeless and easy to maintain.




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