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Home for rest, work and play!

The young owners of this 5-room BTO flat desired a home where they could relax, entertain and work, and the design team from D’ Initial Concept gave them exactly that.

Home Type: 5-room HDB BTO

Floor Area: 1,100 sqft

Homes these days often take on many functions. Far more than simply a place to rest, it’s now often a place for entertaining and yes, for work! The young couple residing in this 5-room BTO flat wanted a home that could accommodate all these functions, and the design team from D’ Initial Concept has worked hard to create a space that meets their diverse needs.

D' Initial

At the entrance of the home, D’ Initial Concept has constructed a shoe cabinet that also serves as a privacy screen. Open display niches provide the opportunity for the homeowners to decorate their home with personal touches, while encouraging light and air to flow through.

D' Initial

A customised bar counter shares the space with the dining area, providing the homeowners and their guests with a cosy spot to chill out after a meal.

D' Initial

Decked completely in white, the kitchen feels light and spacious. Dark quartz countertops and a glass backsplash make this cook space practical for daily use, while the glass door prevents heavy cooking smells from wafting into the living area.

D ' Initial

To create a home office, the designers have combined the original study room with a common bedroom to create a spacious workspace for the couple. Resembling a private office, this enlarged study is fitted with a library of books and a cushy couch. Clear glass walls allow this room to become a natural extension of the adjacent living and dining area.


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