The Lookbox Edit 04: Marvellous workstations for your home

Whether your home office is a shared family space or a proper study (oh the luxury!), we’ve picked six workstations that are as stylish as they are fit for purpose.

The Lookbox Edit 04: Marvellous workstations for your home

Text by Janice Seow

If like many, your office is now your home office, you’d have spent some time mulling over the right workstation setup to get you in a productive state of mind. Most Singapore apartments are small so navigating #wfh can be quite a challenge. To help you along, we’ve put together a variety of different workstations that address a range of issues from ergonomics to function to space constraints. And of course, they are all great designs and completely fit for purpose.

Go ahead and pick your favourite.

#1 The Lookbox Edit 04 – Jumbo desk from miniforms

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As workstations go, Jumbo (above and top image) is perfect for ultra tight footprints. This solid looking writing desk is made from a single trunk (hence the name). A band of metal embraces the top, not just as a pleasing embellishment but so you can display your favourite objects. Jumbo also features a small drawer to please treasure hoarders, and the curves are so on trend.

miniforms is available at P5 Studio

#2 The Lookbox Edit 04 – Gathering table from NOMI

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If you work at the dining table then this might be the workstation for you.

Gathering Table is a handcrafted piece of timber furniture from Australian company NOMI that can be customised online. The product sports a robust, simple design and is equally suited as a large meeting/work desk, and as a dining table. It can be configured in any length and in three standard heights.

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NOMI focuses on craftsmanship and honesty of material. The company creates furniture pieces that are multi-use and ideal for work, home and play. Best of all, its products are made and delivered in an environmentally responsible way.


#3 The Lookbox Edit 04 – Airia desk from Herman Miller

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From its elegant combination of wood and aluminium, to its thoughtfully crafted details such as cork-lined drawers, Airia from Herman Miller combines beauty and functionality. Designers Ayako Takase and Cutter Hutton were motivated to design an “intelligent desk that acknowledged technology and the stuff that we accumulate when working, but do it in a subtle, integrated and intuitive manner”.

Herman Miller is available at XTRA

 #4 The Lookbox Edit 04 – Pyramid Desk from HAY

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Recognised as a design classic, the Pyramid Desk was originally created by Wim Rietveld while working at Ahrend. When it was first introduced in the 1950s, it was regarded as a triumph in its innovative use of sheet steel, giving new direction for use in organically shaped products. Relaunched by HAY together with Ahrend, this timeless design has been reconfigured to enable ultra-simplistic assembly and modular construction options.

The desk features a steel-sheet base with a rectangular oak tabletop. Designed to be adaptable, light and strong, it is easy enough to move around to fit your needs.

HAY is available at Cult Design Asia

The Pyramid Desk and a curated selection of other Cult Design Asia favourites are now also carried on Shopee

#5 The Lookbox Edit 04 – Artisan Writing Desk from d-Bodhi

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This desk stands out for its robust form and sustainable creds. Artisan is made entirely of certified, high quality solid reclaimed teak wood that are sourced from century-old houses in remote villages in East Java, Indonesia.

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The well-crafted design features distinctive joineries on the legs, which are inspired by a traditional Javanese house construction system called ‘Purus’, in which wooden joints are carefully fitted together in an artisanal way.

d-Bodhi is available at Journey East

#6 The Lookbox Edit 04 – Omnidesk

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There are many health benefits of having a height adjustable desk where you can stand for periods at a time, and in that product category, the Omnidesk is one that appears able to do it all.

Their Omnidesk Pro was introduced in 2018, but a new and improved version was relaunched last year. Upgrades include four smart memory programmable presets that allows you to save your favourite profiles; a higher sensitivity anti-collision mechanism; a child-lock feature for safety; increased stability; increased movement speed; a power-saving controller, and more. There are many different design options to choose from, and add-ons such as desk organisers and lighting solutions means you can custom your workstation to fit your specific needs.


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