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Green Zest by Atelier Concept

Atelier Concept rescued this 3-room HDB by removing walls, combining rooms and essentially recreating an open, studio-like apartment

Home Type: 3-room HDB

Floor Area: 768 sqft

Most people believe that resale HDB flats are bigger and better laid out than BTO flats. This may be true in most circumstances, but as this 3-room resale flat proves, not all HDB flats were built the same! At only 768sqft, the flat used to look tired with its crammed quarters and inefficient use of floor space. Atelier Concept rescued the home by removing walls, combining rooms and essentially, recreating an open, studio-like apartment.

Many walls were removed and the remaining ones are painted in a striking shade of lime green. The colour choice is a smart way to make the home feel lighter and less gloomy. The rest of the home has a more pared look: furniture is kept to a minimum, colours are more toned down and a calming atmosphere permeates the rooms.




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