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A 3-room HDB flat turned retreat space

See how Studio Abby transforms a compact house into an airy and calm sanctuary that the homeowners can escape to after work.

Home Type: 3-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 700 sqft

Text Janice Seow

Young married couple Yueyu and Jinru loved the idea of being able to retreat into their home after a hard day’s work. They also wanted a space that was conducive for yoga, simple cooking on weekends, and for any work that they might have to do from time to time.


“We wanted an open-concept kitchen and to be able to use the dining table as a desk for our laptops,” continues the couple. “We prefer a design that will last through the years and we like the clean Scandinavian look.”

Studio Abby’s founder Audrey Tan has taken their wishes to heart. Embracing the flat’s great natural airflow and nice views from the windows, she’s selected materials, furniture and furnishings that exude a light and airy aesthetic. And with limited space, loose furniture have been chosen in favour of too many bulky built-ins.


Hexagonal floor tiles connect the foyer to the kitchen. The living room sports a half height accent wall in a soothing shade of blue that adds visual interest to the space.


The space was reconfigured slightly with the walls to the kitchen partially removed to widen the entryway.

“I think with any new HDB flat, a key challenge lies in the limited footprint, especially in areas like the kitchen and master bedroom,” says Audrey. “For example, with this home, countertop space was limited in the kitchen, and so it was important to have a conversation on what equipment was required or just nice to have.”



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