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Stylish Ideas From A Design-Savvy Condo Apartment

Sometimes, a home that looks simple is the one that has the most thought behind the design.

Home Type: 2-bedroom Condominium

Floor Area: 1,300 sqft

Sometimes, a home that looks simple is the one that has the most thought behind the design. A quick walk through this 2-bedroom condominium reveals a contemporary home that prioritises functionality as well as a grounded aesthetic. TOPOS Design Studio designed the ideal home for a couple of young, busy professionals who enjoy the finer things in life. One of the most important things to note about this 1,300 sqft apartment is that the homeowners didn’t want to skimp on quality materials and style. The design-savvy couple couple entertains regularly, and wanted a home that is stylish but not opulent. The solution? Play up the advantages and rectify the problem areas.


1. Design With A View

One of the biggest highlights of this Costa Rhu condo is the breathtaking view from the living room. The sliding glass doors open up to a view of the Singapore River and the Sports Hub, an inspiring sight that shouldn’t be hidden away by curtains or bulky furniture. In fact, the designers knocked down walls so you can enjoy the view whether you’re standing in the living room, dining room or even the kitchen. This had the added benefit of bringing light into the farthest corner of the home.

2. Keep It Neutral…

Most people think that a design-centric home cannot be minimalist. The truth is, you can keep the interiors clean and understated, but still stylishly designed. In this home, the designers took notes from popular European and Scandinavian homes – strong lines, a minimalist material palette, neutral colours and bold accents. You’ll quickly realise that the designers only used two types of materials and colours: white and wood. The result is a home that’s clean and cohesive.

3. … But Add Warm Accents

Clean, white walls can appear a little cold, especially if you leave the rooms sparse. You can counter this by introducing warm wood, whether with your furniture or with little accessories. Here, the wooden dining table brings grit and texture, with a raw and rustic form that balances out the clean, structural lines in the rest of the home. You’ll also notice that there are pops of colour throughout the apartment, especially with the accessories and fixtures. These little surprises add some vibrancy to the space, and nothing perks you up like a fresh jolt of colour.

4. Something to Look At

This apartment has been carefully designed to offer something visually stimulating at every corner. There’s always something to look at, no matter where you turn. Whether it’s the view out the balcony window, the colourful pendant lamps hanging above the dining table or the artwork hanging on the walls, you’ll always be inspired by a design element.




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