The refined farmhouse

Catering to the homeowners’ love for cosy farmhouse styling and elegant Victorian touches, OVON has deftly integrated both styles for a truly bespoke living space.

  • The refined farmhouse

Text by Airis Abdullah

Project type: 5-room HDB flat
Floor area: 1,249sqft

Extensive planning went into the renovation of this five-room BTO flat in Punggol, as the design team from OVON took extra care in curating the perfect material palette. Their meticulous approach shows off a beautiful ensemble of wood patterns, matte white surfaces and rattan finishes. White ceiling slats complete the look of breezy elegance.

The design team spruced up the home by overlaying dark wood-look vinyl floor tiles in the living area, kitchen and bedroom, which helps to ground the light palette on the walls and ceilings. Bringing in Victorian flair via trimmings on the walls provides an interesting juxtaposition to the farmhouse style and elevates the design concept. A smart home system supported by well-planned electrical works has been installed for efficient urban living.

The designers have reworked the kitchen into an open plan. A sliding glass panel has replaced the boundary wall, bringing openness to the space instantly. When needed, the kitchen can be closed off for heavy cooking so it becomes practical for everyday use. The well-considered planning also affords ample room for storage, appliances, and an island in the kitchen.

OVON project
OVON project

The master bedroom is exemplary of a comfortable and fuss-free space. An L-shaped window can be challenging to work with, but keeping the design concept simple has enhanced its appeal. To achieve this, the design team refrained from building storage solutions in the bed area. Instead, an wooden ledge behind it serves as a convenient spot for accessories and bedtime must-haves.

In this bathroom, rustic farmhouse-style accent tiles are placed across the walls, and brass sanitary fixtures and bathroom accessories provide a sophisticated contrast against the brick-like tiles. OVON also ensured convenient upkeep by including a floating vanity.


Featured in Lookbox Annual 2023


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