What to know before you customise your furniture

Ryan Chin, director of sofa specialist Soho Living, weighs the pros and cons of furniture customisation

What to know before you customise your furniture

Why buy a sofa off the rack when you can customise your own bespoke piece of furniture? We ask Ryan Chin, director of sofa specialist Soho Living, who weighs the pros and cons of customisation.

Why is it advisable to customise your sofa instead of buying them “off the shelves”?

Sizing is the main advantage. Every house has a different living room size, so customising a sofa means the fit will always be better. With that in mind, you’ll be able to get the design you want, in the right size. There are even instances where customising a sofa might be cheaper than buying a new one.

What kind of upholstery services are popular now?

We specialise in a lot of upholstery work, from fabric wall panels to headboards, office chairs and sofas. But lately, bedframes are in high demand. We’ve been seeing a steep increase in the number of homeowners who come to us to re-upholster their beds.

Are there any particular colours or styles that are more popular now?

Grey is always a popular colour. Any shade of grey, whether dark or light, is a constant with us. In terms of style, many clients tend to prefer simple lines. But lately, there’s a surge in the contemporary style of mixing materials. And of course, the Scandinavian look is extremely popular these days.


How does the process of furniture customisation work?

Once we receive a call from client, we will find out what type of sofa they like, in terms of the materials and design. We will then arrange an appointment to visit their apartment. From there we will advise the length of the sofa, so it’s easier for our clients to visualise how big the furniture will be. The client will also tell us their preference for things like the comfort level and foam density.




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