Pro styling tips: 5 ways to make your bedroom look bigger

Wished your bedroom looked bigger? Here are easy and effective styling tips from an expert to help you achieve it.

  • Pro styling tips: 5 ways to make your bedroom look bigger

Navigating compact spaces is often a challenge in Singapore apartments, but short of breaking down walls, there are other easier ways to make your rooms look and feel bigger.

Simply styling it right can make all the difference. What’s more, it is often more affordable than a full-on renovation. Here, interior designer and stylist Niamh MacFadden from Make Room shares five simple tips to make your bedroom look bigger.

#1 Create contrast

While soft and light colours are known to be a safe bet for small bedrooms, don’t be afraid to add contrast with a darker feature wall – this brings depth to the room, creating a sense of space.

#2 Draw the eye up

We often forget about our fifth wall: the ceiling. By installing a large pendant in the bedroom, the eye is immediately drawn up and this creates a sense of a bigger space.

cosy bedroom corner

#3 Consider custom furniture

Whether it’s a custom-made bed or a built-in wardrobe, having a piece of furniture made to fit your bedroom will save you on precious floor space 

#4 Zone the room

Creating little pockets of different ‘zones’ will make the bedroom feel bigger. A rug always helps to zone the sleeping area, and a comfy armchair and pretty side table in the corner makes for a simple but cosy reading nook.

bedroom corner with art

#5 Go big!

Just because you have a small room doesn’t mean the wall art needs to be small too. A gallery wall made up of small pieces could make the room feel cluttered, so instead go big with one large piece of art on your wall.

Style Lab from Make Room are styling classes that help homeowners create beautiful spaces. Check out their website for more details.

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