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Nippon Paint’s virtual painter lets you visualise how your home looks like after painting

With the Nippon Paint Colour Visualiser, you can use augmented reality on your phone to see how different colours will look in your home.

Text by Redzman Rahmat

If you’ve ever tried picking a paint colour for your home, then you know that this is no easy feat. This is especially true given that there are so many different shades and hues to choose from. Which shade of blue goes best in the bedroom? Can your living room pull off a green feature wall?

Nippon Paint

Even if you think you’ve picked out the perfect paint colour, you’ll never know how it’ll actually look once you paint it on your wall. After all, how your room looks is greatly affected by the amount of light and shadows in the space, your furniture and even the texture of the walls.

Nippon Paint

One of the leading paint manufacturers in Singapore, Nippon Paint, understands your predicament. That’s why they’ve come up with a virtual painter that can help you make these important decisions. The Nippon Paint Colour Visualiser is an app that you can download directly on your mobile phone or tablet, and it’s designed to help make the painting job easier.

Nippon Paint Colour Visualiser

Using the app, take a photo of your room or upload an existing photo that you already have. The smart technology will analyse your photo and can virtually apply the paint on you wall. The Colour Visualiser is also smart enough to paint around objects, so you won’t even have to move your furniture or take down artwork from the walls. In fact, the app will even preserve the shadows and textures, offering a realistic impression of what your home can look like once painted.

NIppon Paint Colour Visualiser

There are more than 1,000 paint colours to choose from, so you have the chance to experiment with different palettes without actually painting your home. Always wanted to know if you can accept your favourite teal colour in your bedroom? Here’s your chance!

Nippon Paint Colour Visualiser

The Nippon Paint Colour Visualiser is also equipped with a myriad handy features. Want to find a paint colour that matches the paint in your favourite cafe? Use the Colour Picker feature to learn the closest digital match. The app also links you to helpful resources like the nearest location of Nippon Paint dealers, and the latest paint and painting service promotions.

Nippon Paint

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