Paint, more than just colour

Nippon Paint has been beautifying and protecting a multitude of spaces for 55 years. Chances are, you have used its paints in your home.

  • Paint, more than just colour

  • Paint, more than just colour

  • Paint, more than just colour

  • Paint, more than just colour

  • Paint, more than just colour

Text Janice Seow

When it comes to home renovation or redecoration, walls and other major surfaces are often a major consideration. It’s no surprise to see homeowners poring over colour and material options for hours on end, given that they are making a decision for a significant area of space.

Grey wall

Despite the growing choices for laminates, tiles and other materials, one cannot escape the need for paint. In fact, given the variety of colour and technologically-advanced product options in this sector, one would hardly want to.

Blue wall

With over five decades in the business, Nippon Paint (Singapore) is very likely one of the first brands that come to mind when we think of paint. It’s a household name that many Singaporeans grew up with, know, and trust.

Nippon Paint’s philosophy that “the customer is everything” has doubtlessly played a large part in helping it establish such a strong mindshare here. No surprises too that it’s been voted “The Most Popular Paint Brand in Singapore”.

green wall

The company has a presence in 15 Asian countries, and every product or service it creates is meant to improve – and open up new possibilities – in the field of paint. From its R&D and production facilities in Singapore, Nippon Paint has developed quality paint products for virtually every kind of surface, from interior walls to the exterior facades of homes, commercial buildings and public spaces large and small.

The brand delivers products that are Asia-focused, and with deep consideration for the community. MozzieGuard is a prime example. Addressing the dengue health issue in Singapore and other tropical countries in this region, MozzieGuard incorporates an insecticide coating that has an excellent knockdown property against Aedes mosquitoes – and that’s importantly safe for the customer.

Blue wall kids room

Beyond products, Nippon Paint offers services that help ease up the painting experience for customers. Knowing that painting one’s home can be a stressful exercise, especially given our increasingly hectic lifestyles, the company offers a Professional Painting Service that’s designed to make the whole process quick and easy. Customers receive a complimentary pre-painting site inspection and digital colour preview, have the prep work done for them, and get their spaces painted by highly-trained painting professionals.

grey bedroom

Then there’s the Nippon Paint Colour Visualizer app, which takes the guesswork out of the painting process. All one needs to do is download the mobile app, snap a photo of a particular room, and select from over 1,000 Nippon Paint colours to get an impression of how they will look in the space. This before any actual paint goes on the walls.

Customers who sign up for Nippon Paint’s professional painting service, and who desire an even clearer picture of how their paint selection will look in their space can also request for a complimentary Digital Colour Preview where colours can be photoshopped into the digital image of the room.

Trust is not something that’s built overnight; Nippon Paint has established this over the years by placing the end user at the top of the equation. And with its eye on market trends and changing habits and lifestyles, the company is on the mission to beautify and protect your walls, and home, through paint for years to come.









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