Tips & Tricks to Bring Pastel Colours Into Your Home

Simple ways to introduce pastel colours into your home.

Tips & Tricks to Bring Pastel Colours Into Your Home

Pretty pastels are making a comeback. Carrie Chen from Nippon Paint lets us in on some easy ways to bring the colours into the home.

What are pastel colours?

Pastel colours are colours that are known for their light appearance and muted tones, and are often associated with words like calming, soft, peaceful, sweet, light and fun. They typically come in variations of pale pinks, greens, yellows, blues and lavenders. Compared to other colours, pastels are less stark and less loud, but are versatile enough to make an interior look either bold and invigorating or cool and calming. Pastel colours are trendy and timeless, and can keep the mood light and airy.

What’s an easy way to bring pastels into the home?

You can never go wrong with pastels as they are never too overwhelming or dull. The bedroom is an example of a space that can benefit from a pastel palette. This is a space for rest and relaxation, making pastel colours a popular choice. They provide a relaxed yet contemporary look that opens up the space and makes it the ideal private sanctuary. You can also use pastels as an accent colour that brings out the contrast of the other colours in your rooms.


What colours go well with pastels?

Pick colours that are fresh and clean. Shades of white can act as a crisp canvas for you to match your pastels against. To let the soft hues speak for themselves, complement whites with pastels to get a wonderful and understated look.

What should I avoid when using pastels?

Too much pastels in one room can make the environment look overly pale. Avoid decorating a room with nothing but pastel colours, especially if you’re only using the same shade as this will make the whole space look washed out.


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