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7 failproof ways to protect yourself from the haze

Keep your health in check and breathe easy this haze season.

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

As much as we hope haze does not occur, air quality has hit unhealthy levels last Saturday for the first time in three years. Thankfully, the skies cleared up a bit this week, but the National Environment Agency (NEA) cautioned that haze could persist in the days ahead. Stay vigilant and take necessary measures to safeguard yourself. Here are a few things you ought to do.

#1 Close all doors and windows
protect against haze - close windows

Keep your doors and windows closed at all times if you don’t want to pollute your indoor air with particulates from the haze.

#2 Wear N95 mask

Not all face masks are created equal. While a surgical mask can protect the wearer’s nose and mouth from irritants, it is ineffective in filtering haze particles. If you’re heading out, be sure to wear an N95 mask that can be purchased from the pharmacy.

#3 Avoid outdoor activity
protect against haze - avoid outdoor activity

Stay indoors as much as possible and avoid strenuous exercises. Breathing in the pollutants outside does more harm to your health. But if your must exercise, hit an indoor gym instead.

#4 Do not smoke

You’ll do yourself and the public a lot of good by not adding more pollutants into the air. Plus, smoking makes the lungs more sensitive to the effect of air pollutants.

#5 Keep your house clean
protect against haze - Karcher FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner

Haze particles could irritate your eyes and throat, and the presence of dust and dirt make matters worse. So, clean your home regularly by vacuuming and wiping surfaces with damp cloth. Sweeping is a bad idea as some dust becomes airbone and settles into nooks and crannies. The Karcher FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner is great as it vacuums and mops hard floors in one swift motion.

#6 Stay hydrated

protect against haze - stay hydrated

Image courtesy of Daria Shevtsova

Haze contains lots of toxins, which your lungs and skin absorb. So, drink more water than usual as this helps the kidneys flush them out.

#7 Use an air purifier

When pollutants from the haze enter your home, they continue to linger like uninvited guests. To get rid of them, you’ll need a good air purifier that are capable of filtering microscopic particles, specifically PM2.5 that make up the haze.

For personal use: Dyson Pure Cool Me
protect against haze - Dyson Pure Cool Me White Silver

Designed for personal use, this compact purifying fan is a perfect fit by your bed, on your desk or in a nursery. It features a 70-degree oscillation and a HEPA filter to capture microscopic allergens and pollutants.

For the living space: Philips Series 3000i Air Purifier
protect against haze - Philips Series 3000i Air Purifier

With an extra thick NanoProtect HEPA Filter and active carbon filter, this air purifier removes ultrafine particles as small as 0.02 nanometers (100 times smaller than PM2.5) as well as common airborne allergens, bacteria and viruses, and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC.

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