6 steps to an amazing spa experience at home

Why shell out hundreds of dollars at a spa when you can recreate the experience at the comfort of your own home? We show you how.

  • 6 steps to an amazing spa experience at home

  • 6 steps to an amazing spa experience at home

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  • 6 steps to an amazing spa experience at home

  • 6 steps to an amazing spa experience at home

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  • 6 steps to an amazing spa experience at home

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  • 6 steps to an amazing spa experience at home

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Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

Creating your very own spa experience at home is easier than you think. Plus, it costs a fraction of the price for the same service in a spa. Not to mention, you could do it whenever you like without prior booking and however long you each session to last. These are more than enough reasons to make you want to give an at-home spa experience a go. Here’s how.

#1 Set the mood with music

To really get in the mood, you will need music – soothing, spa-like music, no less. Pick instrumental songs, rather than tunes with lyrics. You don’t want to start singing to the tunes and up your excitement, when relaxation is the goal here.

#2 Dim the lights

If you have a dimmer installed in your bathroom, then great. Otherwise, you can always rely on candles. Simply place several tea light candles all around your bathroom to create a spa experience at home. A safer alternative would be LED candles that flicker like the real deal.

#3 Invigorate the senses

Notice every time you step into a spa, the amazing scent instantly makes you feel good. Make your bathroom smell like a luxury spa with a few drops of aromatherapy oil in your bath, or just place a diffuser in your bathroom.

#4 Turn your shower into a sauna

For a luxurious spa experience at home, nothing beats soaking in the tub. If you have one, make full use of it. If not, you can always turn your shower into a sauna. Let the shower run for five minutes on a higher water temperature than usual to create hot steam. After that, just sit on a stool in the shower and enjoy your home sauna session. You will want to turn off your exhaust fan for this one.

#5 Treat yourself with luxury bath products

This is the time to indulge in your most luxurious bath products. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub – don’t forget your feet – or lather on your deep conditioning skin treatment. Since you’re already at it, why not give yourself a hair mask; the steam improves the efficacy of the product too!

#6 Caress your body with fine linen

Nothing ruins the experience faster than a cheap, rough bath towel wrapped around your soft, exfoliated skin – no double exfoliation needed, thank you. So why not complete the experience with an equally luxurious bathrobe or bath towel.

Now this is how you create an amazing spa experience at home. Start 2019 fresh and rejuvenated. This weekend is the best time to give it a shot.

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