3 alternative colour schemes for Scandinavian interiors

Personalise your Scandinavian-inspired home with these fresh colour pairings

3 alternative colour schemes for Scandinavian interiors

The Scandinavian look is a popular design style favoured by many homeowners in Singapore. The most common interpretation of this style is to have white walls with light wood furniture. But it’s fast becoming a cookie-cutter formula to achieve the Scandi look.

AkzoNobel, manufacturer of Dulux paints, suggests that the Scandinavian style can be given a lively twist with these three alternative colour palettes.

1) Bold colours that awaken the senses


Throw in bright colours like tangerine, robin egg blue and lime as a background for neutral-coloured furniture pieces. Use a high-energy colour for an accent wall so that the colour does not overwhelm the space.

2) Earthy colours that bring you close to nature



Woody elements are often used in Scandi interiors. To bring out the warm, rustic vibes, use dark browns and warm yellows. These earthy tones create a natural atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation.

3) Muted colours that soothe the soul


Instead of the standard red or white brick walls, choose a subdued colour like grey or pastels that would provide an interesting contrast to the rough texture. This unexpected pairing subtly imbues a sense of sophistication into your space.




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