The allure of Dynamic Minimalism

Taking its cue from ‘Dynamic Minimalism,’ this four-bedroom apartment in District 9 beautifully captures the concept of simplicity as well as movement and energy within its stylish interiors.

  • The allure of Dynamic Minimalism

Home Type: 4-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,650sqft

Text by Janice Seow

When the owners of this four-bedroom apartment in Newton first purchased the unit, the idea was that this would mainly be an interior styling project. However, following discussions with their interior designer Ankita Tambi, founder and Creative Director of unOrdinary Design & Concept Studio, it soon became clear that it needed to be a bigger interior design undertaking.

Dynamic Minimalism

Ankita explains: “The clients are a young couple with a four-year-old son. They wanted a space that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, where elements such as lighting and ceiling features were considered.

“They desired a nice home within a reasonable budget, focusing on necessary elements without excessive decoration. Our goal was to create a minimal yet effective and efficient space, harmonising with their lifestyle. Since it was a newly bought unit, there wasn’t much need to reconfigure or demolish anything,” she continues.

In conversations with her clients, Ankita discovered that the wrong furniture choices (in terms of ergonomics and colour) had been a significant pain point for the couple in their previous rented space, and so investing in high-quality furniture pieces that were comfortable and the right fit for their space became an integral part of the plan.

“To address their requirements, we embraced the concept of Dynamic Minimalism, a design philosophy founded on the core principles of minimalism – simplicity, clean lines, and a neutral colour palette – while incorporating elements that create a sense of movement and energy within a space,” says Ankita.

Dynamic Minimalism

Here, the concept is articulated via a delicate balance of understated elegance and engaging visual interest. In different areas, black and white accessories are accompanied by accent stripe patterns that continue the feeling of ‘movement’. Strategically placed artwork in hues of orange further inject a sense of motion and dynamism.

Dynamic Minimalism

Comfort, serenity and ambience are brought forth via different design elements and features. Lighting whether from fixtures or candles evoke different scenes and moods; a mix of lounge and bar seating in the balcony allow the family to relax comfortably and enjoy the views, and the space becomes an extension of the living area when the family entertains; accessories have been handpicked by Ankita to maintain a consistent design language that ties in with the concept of Dynamic Minimalism whilst reflecting the family’s personalities; and bulky cabinetry are kept to a minimum with furniture pieces and functional custom built-ins of ideal proportions chosen to better respond to the needs of the family.

Dynamic Minimalism

The design is also enhanced by thoughtful details, such as a TV panel to conceal the AC service window, and an altar space carved out behind the kitchen for them to perform family rituals together.

The compelling blend of simplicity and movement that defines Dynamic Minimalism has made this apartment not just a functional and serene family home, but also a visually engaging and stylish abode that truly resonates with the owners’ personalities and lifestyle needs.

unOrdinary Design & Concept Studio

Photography by Studio L’arc

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Dynamic Minimalism
Dynamic Minimalism
Dynamic Minimalism
Dynamic Minimalism


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