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Subtle Luxury: ‘Simple design’ doesn’t mean ‘boring design’

Forget over-the-top designs and feature walls; this penthouse is simple yet subtly luxurious

Home Type: penthouse

When it comes to our home renovation, many of us mistake a “simple interior design” for a “minimalist interior design”. Simple doesn’t mean barebones or lacklustre, as evidenced in this penthouse designed by The Inside Job. The interior design firm understood their clients needs, and designed a home that’s simple yet luxurious, with plenty of space for three children to grow up comfortably in.

The overriding principle of this penthouse is the clarity of its design language and the elaborate yet minimalist detailing. By doing away with the superfluous and keeping only what is necessary, The Inside Job managed to express the homeowners’ requirement for a simple yet well-designed home.

The TV console, storage cabinets, display cabinets, accent lights and mirrors all come together in a coherent and integrated manner. In the living room, full-height vertical light strips are detailed with subtle curved surfaces that catch the light. Instead of adding loud or overbearing design features, The Inside Job opted for a more coherent use of colours and textures.

A similar design principle was adopted for the master bedroom. Here, a collage of different materials, colours and textures come together in a manner that’s easy on the eyes. As with the common areas, integrated light strips give a soft glow in the night highlighting the various textures and bringing out the character of the space after-hours.

This penthouse has a “simple” design, but in no way does that mean that it’s a “boring” design. By avoiding the frills of over-the-top design elements, this home proves that luxury boils down to the subtlest of details.



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