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Resale flat transforms into a bright and spacious home

What was once a dreary five-room HDB flat is now a modern, open-concept home, thanks to the designers from Dots N Tots Interior.

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,400sqft

Text by Redzman Rahmat

This five-room resale flat in Ang Mo Kio used to be in a dishevelled condition. But with the help of interior design firm Dots N Tots Interior, it’s now bigger, brighter and packed with modern amenities. Home to a family of four, the designers aimed to meet the requirements of each family member. At the same time, they wanted to breathe new life into the resale flat.

HDB resale flat living area and balcony by Dots N Tots Interior

The wife prefers lighter colours while the husband wanted darker tones. With that in mind, the designers came up with a balanced palette that can be seen throughout the home. Take the living room for example: light, earthy colours are accentuated by darker cabinetry, resulting in a room that is easy on the eyes. To give the homeowners more space, the balcony has been integrated into the floor plan. The flooring is now extended into the closed balcony, creating a spacious room that can comfortably accommodate the entire family.

HDB resale flat wet kitchen by Dots N Tots Interior

The rest of the home similarly follows this design language. By tearing down the kitchen’s confining walls, the design team created a shared space between the living room, dining room and open kitchen. One of the family’s requirements was for separate wet and dry kitchens, and this new layout allows for that without sacrificing floor space.

HDB resale flat dry kitchen by Dots N Tots Interior

The kitchen now has a beautiful open concept. Dark matte cabinetry lends a contemporary slant to the home; but in an unexpected twist, the inner carcass of the cabinets are bright red. Although this started out as a feng shui requirement, it ended up being an eye-catching design element.

HDB resale flat dining area by Dots N Tots Interior

The dining room is one of the more ingenious spaces in this resale flat. A customised dining table is attached to an island counter, which makes up the dry kitchen area. The designers even managed to install a sink on the island, despite the fact that HDB regulations limit the plumbing to only the wet areas of the flat. Through rigorous planning and clever concealment, the Dots N Tots Interior design team helped the homeowners achieve their dream of having a functional kitchen island.

HDB resale flat bedroom by Dots N Tots Interior

When it comes to the master bedroom, the designers came up with a warm yet minimalist space for the family. A platform bed becomes the designated area for rest and sleep, while an unobtrusive vanity table answers all the functional needs of a bedroom. Warm wood tones and muted walls ensure that this is a room with no distractions.

HDB resale flat master bathroom by Dots N Tots Interior

In the adjoining master bathroom, the designers used homogeneous tiles that mimic the look and feel of dark wood on the floor and wall. The result is a homely bathroom that exudes a sense of warmth and cosiness. To complete this look, the designers concealed all the plumbing.

HDB resale flat common bathroom by Dots N Tots Interior

The idea of form and function continues in the common bathroom, where a clean and unfettered design takes over. To complement the pristine white walls, the designers custom built wall-mounted cabinets beneath the sink. This provides more than enough storage capacity to keep this room neat and tidy.

Dots N Tots Interior

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