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An old, resale flat gets a modern monochrome facelift

Vivre Creative Design plays with a monochromatic colour scheme and nifty storage features to give this lived-in resale flat a second life.

Home Type: 5-room resale HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,300sqft

Text by Angela Low

It had been about 23 years since the homeowners moved into their first marital home, a modestly sized, 1,300sqft resale flat that has just enough space for a family of four. As their two daughters entered adulthood and their personal taste evolved, the couple decided it was time for a change.

It made sense to hunt for a new abode, but in the midst of contemplating the purchase of a condominium unit, they realised they would be settling for a smaller space with a larger price tag. Believing in the adage that old is gold, they opted to remain in their resale flat and give it a new lease of life instead.

resale flat gets facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

From an antiquated, lived-in flat, interior designer Pen Teoh of Vivre Creative Design carved out a sleek, yet cosy abode with a more masculine ambience. The monochromatic colour palette also makes sure the look of the interiors remain timeless, rather than banal.

As the man of the house keeps an extensive collection of artworks and curios, it was crucial for the house to feature pockets of display areas. Not to mention, the pair, who runs a business together, takes feng shui rather seriously. And one of its principles advocates the use of display showcases to maximise one’s fortune.

resale flat entrance and kitchen get facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

Knocking down the kitchen walls to expand the tight space, Pen designed a semi-open kitchen that extends towards the foyer. A partial glass partition by the main entrance serves as a row of kitchen counters on one side, and a display and lighting feature on the other. It provides the privacy the couple needs whilst cooking, without robbing the communal areas of spaciousness and light.

resale flat entrance and living area get facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

On the other side of the foyer is a colossal floor-to-ceiling storage wall with a display panel – a necessity that makes up for the resale flat’s lack of a dedicated store room. The TV console boasts the same grey and white laminates as the built-in storage unit. The former sits flush against the wall and includes ample storage compartments as well.

resale flat living area gets facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

Next to the TV console, the designer erected glass walls to create a separate enclosure, which serves as a showroom of sorts to stash the husband’s collection of limited edition bicycles. The TV wall panel is also connected to the ceiling panel, a continuous design that stretches all the way to the opposite wall behind the sofa. Clad in a darker-toned, fabric wallpaper, the space-efficient feature makes a bold statement, as per the husband’s request.

resale flat dining area gets facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

It gets edgier and darker in the dining area, which is anchored by a S$35,000 painting of a school of fish. The artwork hangs beside the entrance to a small home office, originally an empty, unused space. To accommodate more storage, the designer incorporated another storage wall opposite the dining table.

resale flat common bathroom gets facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

Besides its storage compartments and display panels, the all-black feature wall hides the entrance to the common bathroom as well. The latter has been spatially extended and spruced up with wood-look wall tiles and a mosaic accent for a touch of class.

resale flat master bathroom gets facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

Likewise, the footprint of the master bathroom was enlarged to provide some semblance of luxury with a shower area adorned with an accent wall in black, marble-like homogeneous tiles. The master bathroom is accessible through one of the doors of the walk-in wardrobe, situated within the master bedroom.

resale flat walk-in wardrobe gets facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

The wardrobe also serves as a divider that separates itself from the sleeping area. Due to the tight footprint, the designer opted to clad the wardrobe in frosted mirrors to retain the visual illusion of space.

resale flat bedroom gets facelifted by Vivre Creative Design

The daughter’s bedroom, too, uses mirrors to brighten up the environment and features a platform bed for extra storage without taking up lateral space. While the darker palette in the master bedroom provides a cool, yet soothing mood, the light wood colour scheme of the daughter’s bedroom creates a warmer, more youthful look.

Vivre Creative Design

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