Old world glamour in this BTO flat

This humble HDB flat shows that you don’t need a huge space to live glamourously. The designer from D’ Initial Concept, who is also the homeowner, has always liked furniture pieces with a historical charm. His impressive collection of furniture has been put to good effect with his home’s well-curated style.

  • Old world glamour in this BTO flat

  • Old world glamour in this BTO flat

  • Old world glamour in this BTO flat

  • Old world glamour in this BTO flat

  • Old world glamour in this BTO flat

Text by Disa Tan

Deviating from the mainstream home themes, D’ Initial Concept’s Assistant Manager Edmund Ong’s eclectic home is a furniture enthusiast’s dream come true. He and his fiancee have been amassing furniture pieces long before they got the keys to their HDB BTO flat. “We started furniture shopping for our future home three years ago,” he shares.

“And so, our furniture actually dictated the style of our home, not the other way around.” The results are indeed refreshing – the home looks nothing like a HDB flat and resembles more of a European-style loft.

Before it became this picture-perfect interior, the master bedroom underwent quite a massive transformation. Edmund altered much of original configuration by integrating part of the corridor area with the room. With that, the room received an upsize in space and the design revolves around the loose furniture pieces. “The faux leather dresser was the very first thing we bought,” says Edmund. This multi-functional piece has earned pride of place at the foot of the bed, in the centre of the bedroom.

A simple backdrop of pristine white walls and solid oak wood flooring laid in a chevron pattern defines the communal zones. An air of elegance is ushered in with the ceiling cornices. In a corner near the entrance foyer, it makes the perfect setting for the designer high-back chair and the bar cabinet. The front door has been revamped to fit the theme as well – Edmund added mouldings to the original door and spray-painted it white.

While there were considerations to convert the enclosed kitchen into an open-concept space, Edmund decided not to alter the original layout. The service yard beyond the cookspace not only serves as a place to do laundry, but is also the couple’s urban garden. This touch of greenery in the background makes a good complement to the kitchen’s elegant setup of marble worktops and counters in a brass laminate finish.

Instead of the usual tiles, Edmund went with water-resistant wallpaper to give the master bathroom a beautiful backdrop. It is certainly an unconventional material, and without any visible joint lines, the botanical motifs are seamless and contribute a tranquil look. “It is a pricier option to wall tiles,” Edmund says, “but the unique results are worth it.”

The newly configured study has a light and airy vibe. This space was originally a common bedroom but a portion of the wall was taken down for a semi-open concept. It is furnished with modular shelving in a stainless steel finish. “We wanted the flexibility of adding more shelves when we need to,” says Edmund. Without the restriction of custom-built fixtures, having loose pieces offers them the freedom of moving things around and changing up the space easily. 

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