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Relaxed glamour in a modern farmhouse HDB flat

Charming and nostalgic, this uniquely-designed executive apartment by Dots N Tots Interior presents a fluid spatial flow which encourages family bonding and hosting company.

Home Type: HDB executive apartment unit

Floor Area: 1,200sqft

Text by Disa Tan

modern farmhouse HDB flat living room by Dots N Tots Interior

Not a common sight in Singapore, the farmhouse style is slowly gaining traction and it’s evident in this home. “The homeowners are drawn to the farmhouse style,” says Puti Christelle Lee, the designer from Dots N Tots Interior who helmed the renovation of this resale HDB executive apartment. “While watching movies and TV shows with farmhouse settings, they would sometimes even miss out on the plot because they were too engrossed looking at the interiors,” the designer laughs. To create a farmhouse-inspired style that would serve the family of three well, the designer and her team fused contemporary and classic design accents for a more updated take on this beloved rustic look.

modern farmhouse HDB flat foyer by Dots N Tots Interior

Other than having a penchant for the farmhouse style, the homeowners also love the look of French doors. In response to that, the designers worked in collapsible doors with French decorative accents to replicate the look of old-world grandeur. These sliding doors also work as dividers to separate the communal zones. When the doors are opened, the communal zones become one expansive and free-flowing area, which allows for the flexible use of space.

modern farmhouse HDB flat kitchen by Dots N Tots Interior

The application of these sliding doors creates a semi-open kitchen setting, which was something the homeowners requested for as well. “The homeowners are family-oriented folks who love having their relatives over,” Puti shares. This semi-open concept meets their entertaining needs and allows them to converse with their guests even when they get busy in the kitchen.

modern farmhouse HDB flat kitchen dining by Dots N Tots Interior

One of the biggest design highlights of the kitchen is that it houses two sinks of different finishes. A farmhouse-inspired top-mount sink in porcelain graces the island counter while a granite sink takes pride of place at the main kitchen countertop. These varying textures work well with the sophisticated colour scheme of white and warm neutrals.

modern farmhouse HDB flat laundry room by Dots N Tots Interior

While the service yard is overlooked in most renovations, the designers dressed up the laundry area in this home with custom-designed cabinetry. Designated storage compartments that cater to the family’s laundry needs help to maximise the functionality of the space.

modern farmhouse HDB flat master bedroom by Dots N Tots Interior

In the master bedroom, the designers focused on making the space conducive for rest by whitewashing the walls and giving the wardrobe the same pristine colour. For a sleek and seamless finishing touch, the wardrobes are embellished with strip handles sporting a woodgrain texture.

modern farmhouse HDB flat bathroom by Dots N Tots Interior

In the bathroom, a neutral two-tone wall tile treatment sets the scene for the Spanish patterned floor tiles and deep blue vanity door. An ingenious move by the designers was to paint the unsightly piping in a similar shade of brown as the predominant colour scheme. The pipes fade into the background and this approach reduces visual distraction.

The design team says: “We invested a lot of time in getting the colours, textures and patterns to match. We also paid attention to all the small details that affected the outcome greatly.” Their effort and hard work have culminated in a polished-looking family home, which fares highly in both aesthetics and practicality.

Dots N Tots Interior

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