Loft apartment takes on a Scandinavian style

Free Space Intent capitalised on the double volume ceiling in this condo by crafting a study on the mezzanine and complemented it with a TV console that doubles as a feature wall.

  • Loft apartment takes on a Scandinavian style

  • Loft apartment takes on a Scandinavian style

  • Loft apartment takes on a Scandinavian style

Home Type: 3-bedroom loft condominium

Floor Area: 1,346sqft

Text by Angela Low

The homeowners only had one major request for the designers of Free Space Intent – a clean, Scandinavian-style look for their second abode. With full creative control in all other aspects, the designers went all out crafting features suited for this home.

loft apartment dining space by Free Space Intent

As the couple often hosts weekend family gatherings, it’s essential to include enough seating space to accommodate their guests. The bespoke dining bench, with hidden storage compartments underneath, does just that. It’s also strategically positioned towards the TV, allowing everyone to enjoy at-home movie screenings. As the living area is rather small, the designers covered the wall behind the dining bench with mirrors to visually enlarge the interiors.

loft apartment by Free Space Intent

To maximise the footprint of the loft apartment, the staircase leading up to the mezzanine doubles as a shelving display and storage unit. This built-in feature boasts both open and closed shelves, with some surfaces clad in light wood laminates to match the overall decor scheme.

loft apartment living space by Free Space Intent

The highlight of the home is the TV cabinet, which is framed by an inverted L-shaped wooden beam that holds up the loft/mezzanine. Slide open the four light wood, herringbone-patterned doors, and it’ll reveal the TV sandwiched between two storage units. Below, a white panel with cut-outs conceals the AV equipment. In contrast, the study on the mezzanine floor boasts floating, asymmetrical cabinets that complement the TV console design.

Free Space Intent

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