Celebrating the rhythms of jazz

Much like the composition of a symphony, Toorak House 2 by K.P.D.O Architects creates a sense of rhythm through the arrangement of spaces.

  • Celebrating the rhythms of jazz

Text by Saskia Neacsu

Conceived by Kerry Phelan of K.P.D.O Architects, the name of the project is informed by its location, labelled as Toorak House 2. The house is a modern residential home that honours the Jazz Age, adorned with Art Deco features such as geometric lines and eclectic materials.

The design brief evolved throughout the iterative process, through conversation and sketching. Toorak House 2 creates an interplay between the project’s dual roles: the client wanted the home to be private and restful while offering a series of spaces for social interaction.  

Entertaining takes precedence at Toorak House 2: this is where the owners are typically found, stirring up a martini and listening to their loved ones fill the room with laughter. KPDO envisioned the apartment as one large communal room that pivots around the entertainment spaces. The series of entertaining spaces embody the melodic contours and illustrious spirit of jazz music, through sculptural furniture and curved surfaces.

The floor plan comprises a series of semi-private rooms linked by arched openings. The permanent fixtures are monochromatic, beyond the cobalt blue coating on one of the doors, rose quart vanity and metallic kitchen island bench.

The primary material and textures at Toorak House 2 include an extensive collection of marble and metallic accents. The kitchen stone is Polished Antique marble sourced exclusively for the project; the flooring throughout is a Light Noce Travertine. The joinery and cabinetry are custom and representative of a sculptural approach to design.

The velvet and faux fur furnishings are akin to the décor found in a speakeasy. The glass-blown chandelier and metallic accents adorning the front door set the tone on arrival. And yet, amid the myriad design decisions continually captivating your attention, K.P.D.O Architects has designed an environment that evokes a Benny Goodman rendition. Despite your head being turned in many directions, Toorak House 2 fosters a sense of belonging and calmness.

K.P.D.O Architects

Photography by Sharyn Cairns, Anson Smart

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