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Farmhouse-inspired HDB flat where every day feels like a vacation

Thanks to the designers from Hall, a young couple with a newborn get to enjoy English country living without having to leave Singapore.

Home Type: 4-room HDB resale flat

Floor Area: 1,050sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The hustle and bustle of city living can give rise to dreams of an idyllic life in the countryside. For one young couple with a newborn however, that dream of country farmhouse-inspired living has been made a reality with the help of interior design firm Hall.

farmhouse-style Hall

This four-room resale flat in Singapore has been transformed completely as a result of a close collaboration of ideas between the owners and the Hall design team. English vintage-style furniture and fittings are consistently applied in all areas to create the farmhouse-inspired living experience.

farmhouse-inspired Hall

The foyer is the home’s pièce de résistance. Here, a delicate combination of textured tiles, ventilation bricks, vintage divider and classical skirting create an impact upon entry and sets the tone for what’s to come. The ventilation brick wall, in particular, is a thoughtful nod to old homes in Singapore and adds local flavour.

In the living area, loose furniture have been chosen in favour of built-ins, thus offering the flexibility to move things around to respond to changing needs.

farmhouse-inspired Hall

The dining area features display cabinets from Country Haven that have been specially refurbished to fit the overall theme, while the dining table was affordably purchased from Ikea.

farmhouse-inspired Hall

The kitchen’s open-plan layout enhances the ease of interaction in the main communal areas. Blue cabinetry add vibrancy to the space while staying true to the country vibe. With consideration for both aesthetics and practicality, the Ultra-Fine Fireclay Vintage basin not only matches the overall design, but can withstand high heat from cookware, ensuring durability.

farmhouse-inspired Hall

Further in, vintage lamps lead the way to the private quarters. The master bedroom enjoys a bright and airy atmosphere, and maintains the country theme with a full-height, built-in wardrobe that affords ample storage while freeing up space.

farmhouse-inspired Hall

The bathroom has been meticulously designed to complete the English country look. The toilet backed wall is grooved in such a way as to mimic the appearance of wood, while all fittings have been specially sourced for and matched to achieve the overall desired aesthetic.

With such meticulous thought given to recreating the country farmhouse experience, the young family living here can now lead blissful, laid-back lives even in the city.


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