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Established: 2012

Hall Profile

Profile image: Randoll Lee, Principal; Ing Hou, Creative Director
Location: Hall’s studio. Hall is a design-and-build studio that offers a holistic design service, from the initial brief to planning and construction. Naturally, its studio-cum-showroom is the most important place as it showcases the breadth of the firm’s offering.

What makes your firm and its work unique?
Hall engineer living spaces, not just dress them cosmetically. Our world gets so caught up in the visuals sometimes that we forget the basics of design – developing and defining the form of the space, and thus creating a spatial experience. This is what differentiates interior designers from decorators. Hall also draws inspirations from various sources in each project. It could be a combination of the client’s moodboard, the architectural shell of the space, a colour scheme from a painting, the desired comfort level – it really depends on the when and where, making each of our projects unique.

What constitutes a meaningful space?
It’s one that translates the clients’ vision well, fulfils their needs, and enhances their lives.

What are your design beliefs?
Hall strongly believes that collaboration is the key to achieving the impossible. When people from various disciplines and industries come together, innovative ideas are born.

“Design doesn’t have a rule of thumb or equation. There is only a degree of fulfilment in every project – how much a design gives what the clients need, and how we can match their vision – that’s the real achievement.”
– Randoll Lee, Principal

Hall logo / (65) 6298 0354 / / 61 Ubi Road 1, Oxley Bizhub 1, #04-15, Singapore 408727

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