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A family condenses life in a penthouse into a maisonette effortlessly

Eschewing the overdone design of wood-clad interiors, Fineline Design looked to leather, stone and concrete-like finishes and greyish hues to give this maisonette a cosy yet modern look.

Home Type: 5-room HDB maisonette

Floor Area: 1,517sqft

Text by Angela Low

Moving from a larger condominium penthouse into this five-room HDB maisonette, this couple had concerns about the transition and the lack of space. At 1,517sqft, it doesn’t offer a lot of room for a family of four. Therefore, space planning in this maisonette was of paramount importance to carve out a cosy space that doesn’t feel cramped. Similarly, the furnishings had to be kept simple. As for the colour scheme, it felt best to stay within a cooler palette of mostly neutral tones. This helps to create a timeless backdrop and appearance, capable of adapting to multiple changes over the years.

HDB maisonette living room by Fineline Design

At the time of the renovation, the majority of houses the couple saw featured the same decor style, which incorporated an abundance of wood furniture and finishes. It informed their inclination to steer clear of wood-heavy designs for their new home, venturing instead on the opposite spectrum. Leading the renovation is Dwyane Aki of Fineline Design, who dreamed up a ‘concrete jungle’ interior theme. Therefore, the focus was on stone-like laminates and greyish hues, offset by pops of red (as requested by the couple).

HDB maisonette dining room by Fineline Design

Various shades of grey in the living room, from the walls to the velvet sofa, blend harmoniously to create a cosy, yet modern lounge. A projector replaces a traditional TV set and turns the living area into an at-home theatre. The space in front of the staircase serves as a dining nook, complete with a built-in bench with hidden storage that spans the entire length of the area. Additionally, there is even a modular table that can be extended to fit more guests.

HDB maisonette bathroom by Fineline Design

To incorporate a service yard into the maisonette, the designer had to flip the position of the common bathroom on the first floor. At the same time, he had to ensure that there’s still enough space to move around in the kitchen. In spite of the limited footprint, he went with a predominantly black colour palette for the bathroom, fulfilling the couple’s preference for a dark and cosy modern minimalist theme. Ceramic hexagonal floor tiles offer the wow factor without taking up any additional space.

HDB maisonette kitchen by Fineline Design

The kitchen serves as a foil to the rest of the common areas, taking on a lighter colour scheme of white walls and cabinets. It is separated from the rest of the maisonette by a kitchen island with a siren red countertop. A solid wood breakfast table wraps around the island, further highlighting the abode’s visual centrepiece.

HDB maisonette master bedroom by Fineline Design

For the master bedroom, the designer constructed a floor-to-ceiling partition clad in dark leather laminates, in line with the sleek, shadowy interior scheme of the maisonette. It doubles as a walk-in wardrobe with a concealed doorway that leads into the master bathroom. The latter boasts lighter hues to counteract any feelings of claustrophobia.

HDB maisonette master bathroom by Fineline Design

Despite being Dwyane’s first project as an interior designer, it came together effortlessly. By combining unconventional details with exquisite execution, the result is a snug, modern family home.

Fineline Design

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