3 essential dining room furniture everyone should own

Choosing just-right furnishings can make all the difference between your dining area feeling cold or comfortable.

  • 3 essential dining room furniture everyone should own

  • 3 essential dining room furniture everyone should own

  • 3 essential dining room furniture everyone should own

  • 3 essential dining room furniture everyone should own

  • 3 essential dining room furniture everyone should own

Text by Sandra Campbell

A table made for dinner and other activities with friends and family. Seating for the dining room that’s so comfortable, everyone wants to linger. A cabinet for precious memorabilia. Grafunkt has them all. Owners Jefery Kurniadidjaja and Nathan Yong, committed to curating purposefully designed functional objects, is the exclusive distributor for these Japanese brands, whose pieces bear an essence of timelessness, project great style and are of sound quality and structure.

#1 Table
dining room furniture - Ippongi Table by Conde House from Grafunkt

You eat, talk and laugh at it as well as do work, projects or homework. No other piece of furniture serves you as well the dining table does. The Conde House’s Ippongi table is made from trees that are over a century old. Every piece of wood has its expression – knots, cracks, holes and more – so no two tables are the same. Conde House uses only non-toxic glues and finishes.

#2 Seating
dining room furniture - Wing Lux Dining Bench and Chair by Conde House from Grafunkt

Do you recall the seating at that last great dinner party? If you can’t, it must have been comfortable, chic (of course!) and unobtrusive. Precisely the words one would use to describe these signature pieces by Kiyoshi Sadogawa for Conde House, and made from richly textured, solid timber. Kiyoshi was inspired by birds in flight, which is why the backs are angled at the ends like ‘wings’ – made possible with advanced moulding techniques. The Wing Lux dining bench and chair are available in six wood finishes, 27 leather finishes and 85 fabric finishes for you to choose from for your dining room.

#3 Storage
dining room furniture - Museum Cabinet by Time & Style from Grafunkt

What better way to display deluxe dinnerware and stemware, sentimental keepsakes, family photos and more than in a beautifully constructed glass cabinet. Designed by Minoru Nagahara for Time & Style, Museum cabinet doesn’t use artificial lighting fixtures or screws. Its see-through structure allows objects to be naturally illuminated by their surroundings and the doors mimic traditional Japanese sliding doors. Bonuses: you can adjust the shelves for tall art books or sculptures. Available in Oak (beeswax and tannin black finishes) and Wild Cherry (beeswax finish).


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