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This cat-friendly home is vibrant, playful and purr-fectly pleasing

Linear Space Concepts used a combination of custom-carpentry, designer furniture and a myriad of colours, patterns and textures to give this apartment its playful charm.

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium unit

Floor Area: 1,130sqft

Text by Stephanie Peh

In keeping with the couple’s outgoing and fun-loving identity, Linear Space Concepts employed the aesthetics of thematic boutique hotels around the world in this cat-friendly home. A myriad of uplifting patterns and pastel colours flow throughout. A striking feature is the playful mint green cat bridge that offers the home its unique identity while keeping all three cats happy.

cat-friendly home | Linear Space Concepts - cat

Stretching across the living room, a mint green cat bridge is a playground for all three cats that co-exist with the owners in this apartment. Designed with a transparent ground, the cat paws are visible from under, bringing joy to the homeowners too. It links to the television console, functioning as additional storage while hiding wiring clutter. A turquoise sofa from Grafunkt serves as a statement piece.

cat-friendly home | Linear Space Concepts - dining

One of the most relaxing corners in the apartment is the cafe-inspired booth complemented by a built-in bench and Hay dining chairs that add a touch of Danish modern design to the dwelling. “By incorporating colours, materials and simple forms, a space can start to feel a lot like home,” say the designers. Be it for intimate conversations or contemplative personal moments, this space completes the living experience.

cat-friendly home | Linear Space Concepts - bathroom

“The homeowners requested for a boutique hotel theme with vibrant colours,” say the designers who applied this brief throughout the home, including the one-of-a-kind bathroom. Plastered with yellow mosaic walls, green subway tiles, turquoise frames and mint green walls – a consistent feature throughout the house as recommended by the feng shui master – the uplifting palette makes time in the bathroom a lively affair.

cat-friendly home | Linear Space Concepts - kitchen

Unifying multiple patterns and colours within a single space is no easy feat but it is one that Linear Space Concepts have masterfully managed within this apartment. Transitioning to the kitchen, Japanese-like tiles decorate the island with a terrazzo tabletop, backdropped by yellow and light pink cabinets, and mosaic floors. A careful selection and matching process ensures that the rich motifs gel together.

cat-friendly home | Linear Space Concepts - door

With doors to the rooms and toilet designed to disappear into the walls, first-time visitors will need some time and effort to figure out where they are. In keeping with the owners’ characters, this amusing detail invites a sense of wonder and discovery through trickery, setting this home apart from other houses.

Linear Space Concepts

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