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An HDB flat inspired by the Japandi style

Taking style cues from Japanese lifestyle brand Muji and Scandinavian design, this home by Dots N Tots Interior combines the best of clean, minimalistic lines with warm wood textures.

Home Type: 5-room HDB flat

Floor Area: 1,474sqft

Text by Disa Tan

Besides factoring in a Japanese-meets-Scandinavian aesthetic, also known as Japandi, Aaron Tan from Dots N Tots Interior had to execute major space reconfiguration in the kitchen. To let in more natural light and to accommodate the homeowners’ cooking habits, the cookspace is divided into two zones – wet and dry – after the reshuffle. The dry kitchen now extends into the dining space, creating an open and airy ambience for the main communal zones.

Japandi style Dots N Tots Interior

Pristine white tones highlight the inviting wood-effect textures on the homogeneous flooring and laminate surfaces. The designer deftly balanced Scandinavian flair with the elegance of Japanese minimalism. He also observed the natural light orientation of the home and amplified the light source using glass surfaces. Case in point: the study’s semi-open setup of a glass door and windows draws natural light into the corridor.

Japandi style Dots N Tots Interior

Defined by a simple yet function-driven cluster of furnishings and built-in fixtures, the living room delivers practicality with a relaxed quality. The designer paired the tiled flooring with whitewashed walls for a fuss-free space, where the homeowners can lounge and entertain without worrying too much about maintenance. Most of all, it fits the Japandi theme and highlights the tatami platform, which has hidden storage to boot. Pull-out drawers line the steps leading up to this platform area and this design feature ingeniously masks the irregularity of the floor area.

Japandi style Dots N Tots Interior

Filling in the recessed areas with cabinetry was a genius move by Aaron. These structural eyesores were previously wasted space and the designer successfully reclaimed them by turning them into functional storage. The new cabinetry also hides clutter and the unsightly air-conditioning trunking for a neat and easy-to-maintain master bedroom.

Japandi style Dots N Tots Interior

Providing privacy and a strong Japandi aesthetic, the wardrobe-cum-divider sets the design tone of the master bedroom with its beautiful woodgrain texture. While it is a full-height fixture, it does not display visual bulkiness thanks to the seamless design touches introduced by the designer. Inset handles for the wardrobe doors bring a sleek feel to the overall fixture, while recessed lighting at the top add to the lightweight appeal. The full-length mirror also magnifies the visual appearance of the space.

Japandi style Dots N Tots Interior

Dots N Tots Interior

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