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A timeless family home that’s bright and spacious

This beautiful family home by SPIRE comes with a statement kitchen, a gym and and even a leisure room.

Home Type: Landed home

Floor Area: 3,500sqft

Text by Janice Seow

The designers from SPIRE have taken all the space afforded in this generously-sized landed property, and carved out beautiful and comfortable family-oriented areas for a family with three kids.

family home spire

The predominantly white and neutral toned interiors give the home a bright and airy character, with subtle reflective finishes, such as on the TV feature wall, furthering the look.

family home spire

An open-concept kitchen enhances the home’s spacious appeal. The designers from SPIRE share: “The homeowners wanted a separate wet and dry kitchen, and to have an island at the dining area for them to work on their baking hobby.”

One challenge was to find a way to seamlessly integrate the column next to the kitchen island. As a solution, the designers have turned this structure into a design feature, decorating it with laminated covered plywood of varying thickness. The design team has also managed to draw attention away from the storeroom’s entrance by lining the door and the adjacent walls with tinted mirror panels. “The reflection of the dining area on these mirror panels help to draw attention away from it,” say the designers.

family home spire

On the second floor, the designers have converted the common family area into an open-concept gym. To encourage ventilation and allow better interaction between family members on levels one and two, they have installed see-through panel dividers, with the same feature applied to the mezzanine level.

family home spire

Given that the family loves to watch movies, the designers have created a sound-proof leisure room, which ensures that the neighbours are not disturbed. This room comes with a state-of-the-art stereo system as well as highly comfortable recliner sofas.

family home spire

With a spacious kitchen, a gym and a leisure room, the family living in this home can enjoy precious time together in many different ways.





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