A mature condo that reflects sophistication

This home for a young family of three by D’ Initial Concept employs a masculine colour scheme and geometric design elements.

  • A mature condo that reflects sophistication

  • A mature condo that reflects sophistication

  • A mature condo that reflects sophistication

  • A mature condo that reflects sophistication

Home Type: 3-room Executive Condo

Floor Area: 1,290sqft

Text by Aditi Gaitonde Fernandes

When a young couple with one son decided to renovate their family home, they enlisted D’ Initial Concept for the task. An executive condo with three rooms had to metamorphose into a sophisticated home for a young family.

The easy-going couple had a vision for their abode – they wanted an apartment that was out of ordinary. With 1,290sqft of space to play with, the team at D’ Initial Concept got to work and created a unique apartment.

The refined colour palette of this home celebrates brown in all its shades. “The colours are very masculine. It’s dark and muted with browns, beiges, terracotta, and blacks. Adding some sparkle to it are elements and lights made of glass,” adds Eva Ong, Interior Design Consultant, D’ Initial Concept.

In the living room, the modern chandelier and the thin strips of black glass above the TV lend some shine to the scene. Behind the 3-seater sofa is a glass window that looks into the kitchen. One cannot miss the double-height ceiling and massive windows that brighten up the space. Adding more texture to the room are the dramatic curtains.

One of the most interesting design features of the house includes the textured storage area in the living room. The empty space next to the television in the living room was made efficient. Wooden cabinets with geometrically patterned doors were put in place. Hiding in plain sight, this discreet storage space combines the best of functional and decorative design.

Describing the inviting dining area, Eva explains: “I find this dining area to be harmonious. The tinted mirror and wood grain feature wall are well distributed and give a feeling of relaxation and calmness. The placement of furniture makes it ideal for conversations, while the suspended light creates interesting highlights in the dark.”

In the master bedroom, a masculine palette follows with browns and greys. Here, the feature wall behind the TV creates an attention-grabbing sight. This three-coloured backdrop with a geometric construction doubles up as a piece of art. The flowy curtain and upholstered headboard echo the same harmonious shade of grey.

D’ Initial Concept


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