4 great bespoke designs for the home

Here’s a curated selection of bespoke products to help you express your personality and style.

  • 4 great bespoke designs for the home

  • 4 great bespoke designs for the home

  • 4 great bespoke designs for the home

  • 4 great bespoke designs for the home

Text by Janice Seow

#1 Art on tiles

Italian company Bisazza is known the world over as the producer of luxury glass mosaics for interior and exterior applications, and collaborates with many internationally renowned designers to create its distinctive and colourful range of products for floors and walls. The company also offers bespoke designs, and can create artful proposals to fit a client’s specific desires.

Featured: a custom glass mosaic patterned wall in the home of designer Marcel Wanders, designed by Femke Hiemstra.



#2 Canvas for expression

Layerplay is one of the first few large format printers in Singapore to be endorsed by Hewlett Packard to offer customisable printerior solutions and products for indoor spaces in Asia. Their advanced printing technology employs water-based inks and the offerings are Green Guard Gold certified. Unlike mass-produced wallpapers, the company offers an on-demand print service, which allows customers to customise designs that are then digitally printed to fit their exact dimensions. The level of customisation includes the replication of patterns, the modification of designs, elements and colours in the company’s existing range, and exclusive artist collaboration.



#3 Handmade for floors

Founded in 1946, family-run Portuguese firm Ferreira de Sá is currently one of the oldest existing companies producing traditional handmade rugs. All of its products are custom-made and designed to suit its clients’ personalities and tastes. The techniques used are flexible, allowing one to choose between different designs, combinations, colours (even custom shades) and finishes.

Ferreira de Sá is available at Studio216, www.studio216.co


#4 Make the switch

Personalisation can be found in even the littlest details. AvatarOn by Schneider Electric is an award-winning suite of switches with easy snap-on replaceable covers that can be customised however you like. You can decorate it in custom patterns and personal photos, or choose from a host of classic bases such as white or dark wood, as well as alluring designs like marble or brushed gold for a look of luxe. The company’s patented Slim Rocker, Sure Click (SS) technology gives AvatarOn softer-press, flutter-free switching that reduces vibration and sparks, ensuring safety, reliability and durability within a slim, feather-light and mirror-smooth profile.






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