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Win S$10,000 worth of prizes at Saturday Indesign

We have some fabulous grabs from our Saturday Indesign exhibitors, partners and sponsors. Read more to find out what they are and how you can win!

Text by Asih Jenie

If you haven’t already completed your online registration for Saturday Indesign on 12 October, you’ve got to do it now because there are a truckload of amazing prizes worth up to S$10,000 to be won!

In addition to priceless design experiences and knowledge imparted in our Design Conversation series, we’ve got a long list of fab grabs from our exhibitors, sponsors and partners and fun ways to win them.

#1 #TBLShelfie Prizes

What is a shelfie? It’s a picture of shelves. A number of our exhibitors at Tan Boon Liat who are participating in this competition will have shelves with items displayed on them in their showrooms. Best pictures will win prizes. Here they are:

Saturday Indesign prizes - Fritz Hansen Ikebana Vase Small

1 x Fritz Hansen Ikebana Vase (small) by Jaime Hayon valued at S$195

Saturday Indesign prizes - Pomelo Home Montana miniature chairs

10 x Montana Miniature Chairs Limited edition from Pomelo Home. These are collectibles, not sold in store

Saturday Indesign prizes - Arete Culture Cochine home fragrance

1 x Cochine Home Fragrance Candle and Reed Diffuser Kit from Arete Culture, valued at S$182

Saturday Indesign prizes - Commune Zani stool set

1 x Zani Stool Set from Commune, valued at S$299

Saturday Indesign prizes - ipse ipsa ipsum Peranakan desk mirror

1 Peranakan desk mirror from ipse ipsa ipsum

Saturday Indesign prizes - Journey East EDGAR Module table lamp

1 x EDGAR Module Table Lamp in Rose Gold from Journey East, valued at S$145

Saturday Indesign prizes - Gamut Vibia wall sconce

1 x Vibia Set Wall Sconce from Gamut, valued at S$900

Saturday Indesign prizes - Vitra resting bird

1 x Vitra Resting Bird by Front from Vitra, valued at S$145

Saturday Indesign prizes - The Beuro Pinetti stationery set

1 x Pinetti Pencil Box, Letter Holder and Mousepad from The Beuro valued at S$335

Saturday Indesign prizes - Biophilia dragonfly

1 x Biophilia Dragonfly printed silk cushion with velvet back from Bode Fabrics & Furnishings, valued at S$190

Saturday Indesign prizes - Emperor's Attic artisanal ceramic

1 x Artisanal Ceramic Piece from Emperor’s Attic, valued at S$150 


Simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Register online for Saturday Indesign Singapore 2019
  • Step 2: Pop by our showrooms at Tan Boon Liat and find your favourite shelf display
  • Step 3: Get creative and take your best photo of the display
  • Step 4: Post to Instagram,  tag and follow the exhibitor, @saturdayindesign and hashtag #TBLshelfie, and stand a chance to win!

Ensure your IG profile is set to public, or DM us a screenshot of your post. Winners will be announced on Instagram at later dates.

#2 HÅG Capisco Copper Limited Edition

Saturday Indesign prizes - Flokk HAG Capisco

Provided by Flokk Asia

1 x HÅG Capisco Copper Limited Edition task chair, signed by the designer and numbered. Not sold in store.
Valued at $4,000


  • Follow@flokk_design on Instagram and make sure your profile is set to public
  • Take the best photo of Flokk Asia‘s stand at Saturday Indesign’s Curated Space at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road
  • Post the photo on your Instagram with hashtag #flokkindesign. Multiple entries are allowed
  • You have until 15 October, 11:59 pm SGT to post your photo(s). We will select the best photo and the winner will be announced on Instagram on 18 October!

#3 Vitra Eames Elephant & Fritz Hansen Caravaggio™ Read Lamp
Saturday Indesign prizes - Vitra Eames elephant Saturday Indesign prizes - Fritz Hansen Caravaggio Read lamps

This is a joint contest between Fritz Hansen and Vitra

1 x Vitra Eames Elephant valued at $420 and 1 x Fritz Hansen Caravaggio™ Read Lamp valued at $780


  • Follow and match the footprints in the Vitra store to the corresponding Vitra resting animals.
  • Guess your favourite Fritz Hansen products from silhouettes around the Fritz Hansen Lounge.
  • Fill out a design quiz card and drop it in the contest box at either showroom.
  • Entrants must complete the activities in both Vitra store and Fritz Hansen Lounge.
  • One lucky winner gets a Vitra Eames Elephant and another lucky winner gets the Caravaggio Read Lamp from Fritz Hansen!

#4 One-Of-A-Kind Frag Ele Chairs

Saturday Indesign prizes - P5 Studio unique Frag Ele chairsjpg

Provided by P5 Studio

4 x Special edition Ele Side Chairs from Frag x P5 Studio special showcase AR_T.

Each chair is unique and designed by a prestigious local design firm. A total of eight chairs will be on display, four of which will be given away. They are: #17 by Studio Wills + ArchitectsChopChop Chair by Parenthesis StudioElemental by Right Angle Studio, and Impossible Chair by Superfat Designs.

Valued at $2,000 each


#5 Metallic Hide Cushions

Saturday Indesign prizes - The Cinnamon Room metallic hide cushion

Provided by The Cinnamon Room

2 x Pair of Metallic Hide Cushions valued at S$26 @thecinnamonroom


#6 Apple AirPods 2

Saturday Indesign prizes - Kreon airpods

Provided by Kreon

3 x AirPods 2 valued at $299


  • Visit Kreon’s stand at the Curated Space at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road
  • Participate in Kreon’s Instagram contest
  • Three best posts will win AirPods 2

#7 Dormiente Organic Natural Latex Pillow

Saturday Indesign prizes - Dormiente latex pillow

Provided by Dormiente

1 x Dormiente Organic Natural Latex Pillow, value starts from $200


  • Come for a power nap and take a glamorous selfie on dormiente’s eco-conscious beds while enjoying a glass of German wine
  • Pose for a keepsake polaroid photo and share the fun post on Facebook and Instagram!
  • A winner will be announced at 6 pm, and will bring home a Dormiente organic natural latex pillow of his/her choice!

#8 An Artwork By A Mystery Artist

Saturday Indesign prizes - Livingwithart artwork

Provided by LivingwithArt

1 x Artwok valued at $150


  • Visit LivingwithArt’s showoon and you will be presented with a pixelated image of an artwork.
  • Find the artwork in the gallery and it could be yours!

#9 S$100 Voucher From Arete Culture

Saturday Indesign prizes - Arete Culture voucher

Provided by Arete Culture

1 x Arete Culture Gift Voucher valued at $100


  • Visit Arete Culture’s Showroom and answer one simple question
  • Take a selfie in the showroom
  • DM @areteculture the selfie and answer to the question on Instagram
  • Most creative selfie and the correct answer will win a $100 Arete Culture gift voucher

#10 Prize Packages From Emperor’s Attic

Saturday Indesign prizes - Emperor's Attic prize package

Provided by Emperor’s Attic

2 x Prize Package (1 decor item + 1 artwork) valued at $400 each


  • Join Emperor’s Attic for styling contest #everypiecehasastory
  • Create Asian-inspired composition for either personal or professional space at the showroom’s two Design Stations in five minutes using the items and artworks curated by Emperor’s Attic
  • Post a photo of the composition on Instagram, hashtag #everypieceastory, and caption the picture with and inspiration behind your composition, and who you can see owning it.
  • Emperor’s Attic owner Chantal Travers will select two winning posts by the quality of the story, photo and composition.
  • Each winner will take home a prize package that includes a ceramic stool or vase of their choice  and a choice of either a small print artwork by Deborah McKeller or Louise Hill

Have you secured your spot yet? Now is not the time procrastinate! Head to and complete your online registration today!

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