Creatives, make your mark at Saturday Indesign!

Keen to flex your creative design prowess? We’re hunting for hungry design talents to collaborate on installations for Saturday Indesign.

  • Creatives, make your mark at Saturday Indesign!

  • Creatives, make your mark at Saturday Indesign!

  • Creatives, make your mark at Saturday Indesign!

  • Creatives, make your mark at Saturday Indesign!

  • Creatives, make your mark at Saturday Indesign!

Text by Lookbox Living

Remember when you were studying and your design briefs were so open you could let your imagination fly? It was no doubt all part and parcel of why you fell in love with design – a heady mix of collaboration, creative thinking and turning ideas into a reality.

Well, listen up, because we have a project that is all about those very same things. This is your opportunity to really set your design skills loose, to get away from your desk and dive right into the creative process.

We’re calling for expressions of interest for collaborators to create installations with our exhibitors that will form part of what makes Saturday Indesign an unmissable design event. Bring your own bag full of ideas or bring your work pals along for the ride.

Let us introduce you to Saturday Indesign – a one-day design showcase all about fostering relationships between designers and suppliers. Collaboratively designed activations – this is where you come in. These immersive, experiential installations have the power to make moments of wonder and surprise. Our theme for 2019? It’s ‘Community’, and we’d love you to be part of it.

Taking over the Tan Boon Liat building and our Curated Space at 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road on 12 October, it’s all about engaging, mingling and learning at Saturday Indesign.

Ready to collaborate? Here’s how.

Step 1: Register your interest in being a design collaborator, just drop us a line at
Step 2: We pair you up with a design exhibitor.
Step 3: You work together on designing an installation for the exhibitor’s display as part of Saturday Indesign.
Step 4: People stream through and interact with your amazing creation, and your kudos and cred kick up a few notches.

If that’s all you need to know to sign yourself up… go ahead and register now. If you need more convincing, take a look at some of these unforgettable projects from past Saturday Indesign events in Singapore!

Saturday Indesign_2014_ID21_Xtra

Flying puppies? ID21 created an abstract animal world for Magis at Xtra for Saturday Indesign in 2014 (theme: ‘Future’).

Saturday Indesign_2012_Elixr_Dream

Elixr’s photo opp outside Dream was a hotspot at Saturday Indesign 2012 (theme: ‘Hybrid’).

Saturday Indesign_2015_K2LD_EDL

Enter the vortex. K2LD Architects created a tower of laminates for EDL in 2015 (theme: ‘Balance’).

Saturday Indesign_2012_SCA-Lasalle_BW

SCA and LASALLE College of the Arts had the right perspective in 2012! Their suspended installation of nuts and bolts at BW Furniture created clever optical effects (theme: ‘Hybrid’).

Saturday Indesign_2014_Topos_Dream_EDL

Speaking of perspective, Topos Design challenged it with a giant prism that changed viewpoints of a Cassina chaise longue at Dream in 2014 (theme: ‘Future’).

What are you waiting for?
Don’t just be a consumer, be a creator.
Catch you at Saturday Indesign on 12 October.

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