5 reasons to check out SingaPlural (it’s more than just art!)

We can’t wait for the return of SingaPlural and you should be too! Here are just 5 of the reasons why we’re so excited

5 reasons to check out SingaPlural (it’s more than just art!)

Homegrown design festival SingaPlural is becoming a household name since it was first introduced in 2012. Running for the fifth consecutive year, SingaPlural has taken on the new theme of “Senses ― the art and science of experience” and is using it as the basis of its show this year.

A record number of 71 design installations, curated by Plus Collaboratives and GOVT, are featured in this year’s event. Design tours, talks and a whole slew of workshops have been put together to keep you engaged throughout the seven-day festival. If that’s not enough, here are 5 reasons we think you should give SingaPlural a visit.

1. More than just a visual exhibition, many installations allow and actually want you to step into them.

ed_XtraENGULF by Celine Ng x XTRA & BOLON

There is the Fish Tank where visitors enter a “tank” filled with floating handcrafted goldfishes to get a different perspective of the world. Another watery installation, Engulf, wants you to be immersed in the movement of ocean waves.

White Forest presents a meditative environment that attempts to relax your sense of sight while heightening your olfactory senses. On the other side, Aurora is a visual feast as the installation takes you on an imaginary walk through a forest that is lit by mystical lights inspired by auroras. These installations – and many others – are fully immersive and can only be appreciated by fully interacting with them.

2. Have a beer – it’s part of the installation!


Beer Atelier, a collaboration between Wunderbar and Soba Atelier, is offering you the experience to make your own beer. If cocktails are more of your thing, the installation Rain aims to engage you in the process of cocktail creation through the creations of mixologist Ethan Leong.

And if you’re craving for more, join the tour over the weekend to Singapore’s longest running microbrewery, Brewerkz!

3. Open the door to new sights, sounds and smells.

ed_MediacorpDoors by IDCS x SILA x SFIC x Mediacorp

Exploring the full extent of the Senses theme, SingaPlural takes design beyond the visual and aural, and includes scent, texture and taste in many of its installations this year. One such installation to look forward to is Doors. Made up of retired Mediacorp production set props, Doors invites you to explore a “maze” full of openings. Stepping into each individual section, you will embark on activities that seek to invigorate all five of your senses, one at a time.

4. See how social issues are brought to light through design

ed_Poster01LandscapeEcological Relationship by Siguanart

This year, SingaPlural will be tackling some pertinent social issues through the medium of art and design. Painless highlights the unspoken agony experienced by cancer patients whose lives rely on chemotherapy, while Ecological Relationship explores the exploitation of animals in the wild.

Sitting on Paper invites you into a space where recycled materials have been transformed into beautiful, functional seats, bringing home the point that the value of certain resources is often overlooked.

5. Explore 3D printing – its future is not too far off!

ed_Debbie-DingSpace Geodes by Debbie Ding

Fossils are physical evidence of time and in this installation, Space Geodes presents a series of “fossils” that have captured a moment. 3D scans of domestic spaces are 3D printed into plastic forms, fossilising a moment in space and time.

Apple 2025 points us towards a future where food may not be prepared through traditional means but through the binding of compounds that ‘feel’ and ‘taste’ like the original. We’re not sure we like that but it is certainly an interesting prospect of 3D printing.

To learn more about 3D printing, attend the sharing session by Philip Wee, the founder of 3D Printing Hub Asia, where he will talk about the future possibilities of 3D printing in art and design.


Visit www.singaplural.com for more information.


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