Monochrome magic: 5 Homes that rock the black-and-white look

These Singaporean homes are black, white and beautiful

Monochrome magic: 5 Homes that rock the black-and-white look

Even the most ardent fan of colour would be hard-pressed to deny the monochromatic allure of these homes. Here, we break down how these houses use black and white to help create an interior that’s sophisticated, chic and timeless. By Arman Shah

Black-tie affair




Conceptualised by Image Creative Design to reflect the jet-setting lifestyle of its owners, this semi-detached house oozes effortless chic and sophistication. The single monochromatic palette allows the interior designers to play with different material finishes. We love how polished and elegant the end result is. See the rest of the home here.

Classic colours




To appeal to the different tastes of the different family members, the homeowners decided to stick to a black-and-white scheme for their Sky@Eleven condo apartment. The interior design team from Unimax Creative then came on board to up the design ante by installing complementary marble floors and customising exclusive furniture for the bedroom and living room. The rest of the home, here, is equally impressive.

Space illusion




Spatial constraint is a common concern of many homeowners today. Thanks to the ingenuity of Home Journal, this 3-room HDB flat looks bigger than it actually is. A white based was first applied on the walls, floors and ceiling before strips of glossy black were used to accentuate the corners and edges of the room, creating the illusion of enlargement. The kitchen’s open concept also contributes to the airiness. The black and white scheme helps lend the illusion of space in the rest of the home, as seen here.

Timeless elegance




As the homeowners wanted their 4-room HDB flat to have a lasting design that did not need to be revamped every few years, the team from Urban Habitat put together a look of timeless elegance by sticking to a monochromatic colour scheme. Their need for an uncluttered space was further respected by installing streamlined cabinets that kept the structural beam in the middle of the living room wall obscured from sight. See the rest of the home here.

Bare essentials




The interior designers from D’Planner prioritised space-planning above all else when it came to conceptualising a look for this three-bedroom condo apartment. Housing four adults and two kids, this home boasts a sophisticated edge without the use fancy embellishments by sticking to a black and white palette. To avoid clutter, plenty of storage solutions in the form of L-shaped cabinets and wall-mounted dish racks in the kitchen were installed. See the rest of the home here.


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