Rethink your kitchen cabinetry with amazing aluminium

We shed fresh perspective on aluminium and show how this hardwearing material takes the performance and durability of kitchens to the next level.

Text by Disa Tan

As the most hardworking zone in the home, a well-run kitchen requires more than just incorporating sufficient storage. It calls for a strong yet flexible storage system and this is where aluminium cabinetry comes in with its lesser-known but impressive advantages. The experts from Alustil tell us more.

#1 Aluminium is not just for industrial styles kitchen cabinetry

With its steely exterior, it’s easy to associate aluminium with a professional industrial style kitchen. Don’t limit yourself to just one style though; these aluminium cabinets can be paired with any type of worktop to create different looks. At Alustil, the aluminium itself comes in three finishes: White, Tex Grey and Black. For the door cabinet frame, glass is the main material employed and you can select from glossy or matte finishes as well as numerous colour choices.


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To find out more about aluminium kitchen cabinetry, download this cheat sheet!


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