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Rethink your kitchen cabinetry with amazing aluminium

We shed fresh perspective on aluminium and show how this hardwearing material takes the performance and durability of kitchens to the next level.

Text by Disa Tan

As the most hardworking zone in the home, a well-run kitchen requires more than just incorporating sufficient storage. It calls for a strong yet flexible storage system and this is where aluminium cabinetry comes in with its lesser-known but impressive advantages. The experts from Alustil tell us more.


Alustil aluminium kitchen

Aluminium can be used for these major parts of the kitchen

“It is used for the cabinet body or the carcass as we call it, the door frame, and shelving and drawers,” says KS Lau, a representative from Alustil. At Alustil, the internal frame of the cabinetry is outlined with santoprene, a high-performance rubber-like material, for a soft-closing impact on the cabinet doors.

Alustil aluminium kitchen

Aluminium can withstand heavy wear and tear

What is remarkable is how it is built for greater stability. The cabinet structure comprises solid skeletal frames and solid frame joints which make it extremely durable. As compared to the industry standard of kitchen cabinets with surfaces that might warp over time due to high heat or constant water exposure, this sturdy structure of aluminium will maintain its shape for a long time to come.

Aluminium is rust-free and fuss-free

It’s a common misconception that aluminium, like most metals, is susceptible to rusting but that couldn’t be further from the truth. KS clarifies: “Aluminium itself is rust-resistant. Furthermore, our product is powder-coated.” This protective layer extends its resistance towards water. As for maintenance, the inner corners of the aluminium cabinets are edgeless which facilitate easier cleaning and lesser dust built-up. All it requires is some light cleaning with water and a non-corrosive cleaning agent to remain in tip top form.

Aluminium can be both modular and moveable

Adjustable shelving encourages one to make the most of their available space and Alustil’s aluminium cabinets are designed to bring enhanced flexibility for your storage needs. The interior of these cabinets are fitted with peg holes and with shelf pegs, you can adjust the shelves to a desired height. This certainly comes in handy for organising a pantry of all sizes. Speaking of flexibility, these aluminium cabinets completely ups the game by being recyclable and reusable. That means you can actually ‘uproot’ it and then re-install it in a new location when you revamp your kitchen or move.

Alustil aluminium kitchen

Aluminium is not just for industrial styles

With its steely exterior, it’s easy to associate aluminium with a professional industrial style kitchen. Don’t limit yourself to just one style though; these aluminium cabinets can be paired with any type of worktop to create different looks. At Alustil, the aluminium itself comes in three finishes: White, Tex Grey and Black. For the door cabinet frame, glass is the main material employed and you can select from glossy or matte finishes as well as numerous colour choices.

Aluminium is compatible with most kitchen fittings

Versatility is also evident in Alustil’s aluminium cabinets with its integration with Blum’s kitchen fittings. The savvy features of cabinet door lift systems, fully extending drawers, inner drawer dividers and more elevate the performance of these cabinets. It’s truly the best of both worlds where industrial-grade material meets innovation.


About Alustil

Discover the world of aluminium storage solutions with Alustil. Established in 1995, Alustil strives to be different amongst common materials with their aluminium and glass design solutions. They choose to carry aluminium specifically because they believe the material can address the drawbacks of traditional materials.

Alustil aims to redefine the home furnishings scene with their expertise in aluminium materials. By creating a whole line of aluminium furnishing products, you can now apply these premium and customisable products to just about any space, from the kitchen to the bedroom and even the bathroom.


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