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  • Glashutte Comploj Paperweight Roses from Vanilla Home

    The traditional art of glass blowing is given a modern twist with these home accessories

    The art of glass blowing is a respected traditional craft that requires years of experience and expertise. Austrian Glass Artist Robert Comploj presents Glashutte Comploj, a brand of hand-shaped glassware that are a beauty to behold. His works include the Paperweight Roses collection (with colours including Aurora, Steel Blue and Saragossa), the mesmerising Teardrops and the festive Christmas Ornaments collections.

    Robert Comploj has been testing the form and structure of glass for the last fifteen years, learning his craft from the world’s greatest master glass blowers on the island of Murano in Venice. Robert also undertook apprenticeships with other renowned master glass blowers in North America, Denmark and Great Britain. Now, Robert returns to his native Austria and has revolutionised the local glass blowing industry by constantly introducing new techniques, unconventional shapes and bold colours.


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