Watch: A rare apartment with a panoramic sea view and reef tank

This spacious 50-year-old apartment in the East Coast/Marine Parade area has a beautiful coastal-inspired interior to match its breathtaking sea views. Take a look inside!

Home Type: 3-bedroom condominium

Floor Area: 1,636sqft

Text by Janice Seow

This three-bedroom apartment in the East Coast/Marine Parade area takes your breath away from the minute you step inside. At 1,636 square feet, the 9th floor unit feels superbly spacious and breezy, while the soothing, coastal-inspired interior delightfully complements the panoramic sea view that can be enjoyed from the expansive balcony and even the rooms.

panoramic sea view apartment

The married couple living here engaged interior design firm OVON to give them a warm and inviting home that would match the captivating view of the sea. Their brief called for a minimalist space in soft duney shades, and lots of curves.

A star feature of this apartment is a curved feature island that wraps around a structural wall at the kitchen. It houses the kitchen sink and stove, the kitchen countertop, the common sink (which was brought out of the common bathroom), a bench (where one can sit to admire the sea view), and even a four-sided reef tank with colour changing lights.

The homeowners both love the sea and wanted to have a piece of the ocean at home. The four-sided crystal glass reef tank has different species of coral and fish and can be viewed from all angles – even at the kitchen sink – which makes washing dishes a whole lot more enjoyable.

The dining table is a 2.6-metre-long custom design that allows the owners to comfortably host their friends on a regular basis. This breezy entertaining space right next to the balcony also features a large pantry where guests can help themselves to beverages and snacks. The designer has incorporated loads of storage seamlessly both here and along the walls and feature island, in keeping with the brief for a minimalist and clutter-free home.

To capitalise on the panoramic sea view from the study, a portion of the wall between this room and living area has been replaced with a glass window. This brings that captivating view and natural light further into the main common area to be appreciated more fully.

panoramic sea view apartment

Due to budget constraints and maintenance considerations, the homeowners decided against their initial idea to microcement the entire home. Instead, they roped in their friends to help them limewash the apartment, from walls to the ceilings.

panoramic sea view apartment

Microcement is still used – in the bathrooms – where even the bathtub in the en-suite bathroom is covered in commercial grade microcement. This gives a grittier texture to the tub and the owners describe how it makes them feel rather like they are bathing in the wild.


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