Xtreme laminates from Admira

Xtreme is a new range of super-matt high pressure laminates from Admira

  • Xtreme laminates from Admira

  • Xtreme laminates from Admira

  • Xtreme laminates from Admira

Laminates specialist Admira has employed German technology to develop a new high-pressure laminate (HPL) range known as Xtreme. It sports a low-reflective and refined matt surface for that sleek and seamless look. One of Xtreme’s features is the extreme depth of colour transparency which enhances the quality, longevity and intensity of the colours.

Also of note is the electron beam-cured (EBC) acrylic lacquer overlay technology which further ensures richness, durability and easy maintenance. With Xtreme, you never have to worry about constantly cleaning the surfaces. Xtreme is immune to fingerprint traces, hand-traffic grease and unsightly scratches. It’s also easily cleaned and resistant to both conventional detergent cleaners and laboratory chemicals.

This is great news for those who are tactile, as the material is warm and soft to the touch. Xtreme is available in post-forming grade with length flexibility options for horizontal and vertical applications, making it versatile enough to use on walls and furniture surfaces.



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