Wardrobe Systems by Ximula

Ximula.com unveils a new showroom at woodlands that put chic customizable fittings on full display.

Wardrobe Systems by Ximula

Everyone’s lifestyle is unique. For this reason, wardrobe systems and furnishings that are designed according to your preferences and allow you to modify as and when according to your changing lifestyle are definitely worth their weight in gold. Ximula.com understands and executes this priority by producing versatile products that fit a myriad of design concepts and varying climates even.    

Ximula.com’s furniture product lines offer adaptable, efficient and stylish solutions that fit your everyday life like a glove. Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd founded Ximula.com in 1999, starting out as a manufacturing company specialising in aluminium-based design products and furniture wardrobe systems. Slowly, it has evolved and developed while continuing its research to improve on their products, keeping pace with new design concepts for the growing demand for stylish residential and commercial furnishings from designers and architects around the world.


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