Stylish Ceiling Fans by Amasco

Life is a breeze with stylish ceiling fans from industry expert Amasco.

Stylish Ceiling Fans by Amasco

Air-conditioning may be de rigeuer in most private homes and public buildings, but the truth of the matter is that fans have long been a part of life near the equator – and always will be. This is why companies like Amasco strive to produce fans that are big on style and superior in function.

Amasco, a company that has been in business for 23 years, specialises in ceiling fans, and their light-weight Green Fans DC series is one of their finest. Fans in this range utilise a DC brushless motor, which consumes 75 to 80 per cent less energy than an AC motor fan, yet produces an airflow that is just as strong. The motor also allows two airflow directions – clockwise or counter-clockwise. Such technical specifications (including easy installation, lifetime warranty, six-speed remote control, etc.) are indeed impressive, but the appeal lies in the look.


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