Skin HD Collection from Soon Bee Huat

The Skin HD Collection invites international cities in your very own home

Skin HD Collection from Soon Bee Huat

Tile retailer Soon Bee Huat’s Skin HD collection takes inspiration from some of the most interesting cities in the world. All the tiles are produced using various types of technology, including digital printing, which allows for high-definition details like never before.

Looking to the Sau Paulo of the ’50s, Paulista HD gets its name from the famed Avenida Paulista in the city, which plays host to many large financial and cultural institutions. For this range, the details of the many architectural works on this avenue have been printed on porcelain tiles to be used in various types of spaces.
Rotterdam HD, on the other hand, captures the spirit of design innovation often associated with Amsterdam. The tiles feature a criss-cross pattern with a three-dimensional relief similar to pixels that make up images. The feel is modern and progressive – just like its namesake city.
In addition to Paulista HD and Rotterdam HD, there are four other ranges within this collection, including something for fans of the Big Apple.


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