Where to shop for eco-friendly home goods in Singapore

Thinking of leading a zero-waste lifestyle? Or simply making tiny lifestyle changes to help save the earth? These sustainability-driven retail stores are here to help make going green an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Where to shop for eco-friendly home goods in Singapore

Text by Vanitha Pavapathi

The popularity of eco-friendly home, lifestyle and fashion products is growing as consumers become more eco-conscious and make considered purchasing decisions. Sustainability and zero waste are no longer buzzwords, albeit take discipline and dedication to achieve. And right now when the whole nation is on partial lockdown, we have more than enough time on our hands to help save the earth. Every little bit from each person counts, much like how the whole nation is exercising social responsibility to fight COVID-19. Start small by shopping responsibly first. Here are a few sustainability-driven retail stores that help make going green an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

#1 Your Sustainable Store
Your Sustainable Store eco-friendly products Singapore

Leading a green lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive. Your Sustainable Store is built on the believe that practical, stylish and affordable eco-friendly products should be made easily accessible to all, in an effort to inspire more people to lead an environmentally aware lifestyle. The online store offers a wide range of curated products, from beeswax wraps to toothpaste powder, and from bamboo cutlery to compostable Swedish dish cloths.

#2 Noden
Noden eco-friendly product Singapore

In an age of mass consumption, going vintage is a great and sustainable way to enjoy well-crafted, original pieces of furniture without adding to the demand for more. Founded in 2013 by Tawan and Marko, Noden is an independent store that specialises in Scandinavian furniture from the ’50s to ’70s, in particular, Danish modern classics produced and designed by the great cabinetmakers, architects and designers from that golden era. All the pieces are sourced from Scandinavia and Europe, with Noden also offering after-sales repair and restoration services for pieces that are purchased at its store.

#3 The Source Bulk Foods
The Source Bulk Foods eco-friendly products Singapore

This Australian-born bulk food and zero waste retailer offers more than 350 food and household products, including gluten-free and vegan options. Its wholesome array of ingredients are delivered the way food ought to be, not packaged in plastic, nor tied with string. So customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable containers and jars, and pack them with as much or as little ingredients as they need as each item is charged by weight. The Source Bulk Foods made its way to Singapore in the second half 0f 2019 at Cluny Court and will be opening its third store at Raffles Place soon. An online store is also available for customers to shop from home.

Sojao organic cotton pinstripe bedsheet eco-friendly product Singapore

Cotton is a renewable resource so it should be eco-friendly right? No. We have been misled for decades until the world was given a rude awakening on the harmful effects of conventional cotton farming through the popular documentary The True Cost (available for streaming on Netflix) that highlights the use of over 90% genetically modified seeds and the increased use of herbicides. These practices poison the farmers, waterways and food chains. As a result, organic cotton is on the rise and SOJAO is a strong proponent. The Singapore-based bedding brand retails bed sheets made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton that are dyed using eco-friendly dyes. They are also not treated with formaldehyde (which is commonly used in anti-wrinkling treatments) or any toxic chemical fabric finishes, that might cause skin irritation, rashes or even headaches and dizziness. By selling these luxurious, ethically made sheets directly online, SOJAO is able to keep prices affordable; although we spotted that they are also available at Commune Millenia Walk.

#5 Hock Siong & Co.
Hock Siong & Co second hand furniture eco-friendly product Singapore

From karung guni to now dealing with second hand furniture, operating equipment and antiquities from local hotels and residential households, you’ve probably visited or heard of Hock Siong & Co. housed in an old industrial building at 153 Kampong Ampat. Like a thrift shop, you simply have to hunt for the gems, be it lamps, cabinets, linens, tableware or artwork. There’s no easy way to go around it; the thrill of the hunt is what makes shopping second-hand goods exciting. Most recently, Hock Siong & Co. also upcycles furniture pieces and put them on sale in its store. Customers get previews of the pieces on its social media platforms. If you can’t get your hands on the upcycled pieces, you can opt to have custom works done to the items you purchased at an additional charge.

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